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ANIMEfringe's Big Slogan Fiasco
by Steve Diabo (Kaneda)
Many slogans thrown in by Adam "OMEGA" Arnold and Diana Kou

All your favorite things have them. Your favorite name-brand electronics that you trust and pay so much for, your favorite refreshing, thirst-quenching sports drink, your favorite toilet paper, your favorite dish detergent, your favorite snack... All of these things have cool slogans you can remember on a whim. But what about your favorite anime webzine? Does ANIMEfringe have a slogan? Well, the clear answer is... We don't know.

One day I realized this, and decided it was time we all sat down and discussed the idea of giving ourselves a spiffy little slogan. "Wouldn't that be cool," we all agreed. However, in true ANIMEfringe fashion, we botched the whole thing up and the discussion soon turned into an all-out ridiculous-slogan-spewing grab-ass of fun and frolic. After about 20 minutes of raging insanity beyond all conceivable bounds, the chaos soon faded to extreme mental exhaustion, at which point we all passed out and had a group dream where we decided we would post the results of our little slogan parlay on the site for all to enjoy. So... enjoy.

ANIMEfringe: Exposing the truth, one anime at a time.

ANIMEfringe: Deeeeelish!

ANIMEfringe: Smile, you're an Otaku!

ANIMEfringe: Next Webzine 200 Miles.

ANIMEfringe: We're the reason the top of your monitor is so warm.

ANIMEfringe: Misaki is single, but she's only a drawing.

ANIMEfringe: Always done at the last minute.

ANIMEfringe: The Internet's Other Most Trusted Anime News Source.

ANIMEfringe: Never needs food, water or kitty litter. Just a hug every now and then.

ANIMEfringe: Maybe now you'll know why they tell you not to drink while you're pregnant.

ANIMEfringe: HA-YA!

ANIMEfringe: Because all the better names were taken.

ANIMEfringe: Your long-lost twice-removed cousin.

ANIMEfringe: the fourth member of Every Little Thing.

ANIMEfringe: Out of order.

ANIMEfringe: We still have all our teeth!

ANIMEfringe: What ANIMEfringe?

ANIMEfringe: Buck buck buck baKAWK BAWK BAWK!

ANIMEfringe: We get really excited when cool things happen.

ANIMEfringe: Otaku pride, baby.

ANIMEfringe: How about a little fan service?

ANIMEfringe: We like to think we don't completely suck.

ANIMEfringe: The Right Stuf still hasn't sent me my Eva DVD. I like the artbook very much, and I do appreciate the complementary animation cel, but I want my frickin' DVD. You know who I am. And I know one of you will read this someday. I bet I don't have my DVD yet, either. Oh, wait, here it is... never mind.

ANIMEfringe: A proven aphrodisiac.

ANIMEfringe: No need to thank us.

ANIMEfringe: We're bad. We're bad. We know it.

ANIMEfringe: Just Add Water and More Staff.

ANIMEfringe: Tastes good with Soy Sauce.

ANIMEfringe: Now with no-slip grip!

ANIMEfringe: Being anal so you don't have to be.

ANIMEfringe: Recently Fumigated.

ANIMEfringe: Will review for food.

ANIMEfringe: Dangerous with a pair of nail clippers.

ANIMEfringe: Adam "OMEGA" Arnold wrote issue 3.

ANIMEfringe: Steve does all the coding at the last minute.

ANIMEfringe: The 111th Element. The 110th is cheese.

ANIMEfringe: Evolution has been stunted.

ANIMEfringe: Where do you want to go today?

ANIMEfringe: Ask about our homemade pies.

ANIMEfringe: Nobody works better stoned than us.

ANIMEfringe: We turn this... (sob...) into this! (ahhh...)

ANIMEfringe: Now legal in 12 states!

ANIMEfringe: Goku and Pikachu not allowed.

ANIMEfringe: Yeah, right.

ANIMEfringe: Tasty, but also good, but also tasty.

ANIMEfringe: You computer will explode in 5 seconds.

ANIMEfringe: A wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL/Time Warner, Incorporated.

ANIMEfringe: The Nth season of Sailor Moon.

ANIMEfringe: The tragic victim of a horrible, horrible farming accident.

ANIMEfringe: The cabbit who shagged me.

ANIMEfringe: Please wait while our cover loads.

ANIMEfringe: More music, less interruption.

ANIMEfringe: 10100101110001010101010010100101001001101

ANIMEfringe: Can you smell what the fringe is cooking?

ANIMEfringe: Because ANN died.

ANIMEfringe: The taste of a new generation.

ANIMEfringe: 4 out of 5 dentists agree.

ANIMEfringe: We like visitors. EX doesn't.

ANIMEfringe: Guilty!

ANIMEfringe: This here's ANIMEfringe Country.

ANIMEfringe: Trust us.

ANIMEfringe: A New Hope.

ANIMEfringe: Concubine for sale.

ANIMEfringe: Cable TV, Indoor Pool with Sauna, Squash Court, all conveniently located in the heart of the tourist district. Vacancy.

ANIMEfringe: Promise of a New Issue.

ANIMEfringe: New Crap every month.

ANIMEfringe: We like you a lot.

ANIMEfringe: America's Favorite Ketchup.

ANIMEfringe: In love.

ANIMEfringe: Come sail away with us...

ANIMEfringe: Smooth aroma and robust flavor.

ANIMEfringe: Your parents help you put it together.

ANIMEfringe: ANIMEfringe. Meet the ANIMEfringe. They're a modern stone age family.

ANIMEfringe: The Universe of the Otaku without lives of their own.

ANIMEfringe: Official Anime Webzine of the 2000 American Olympic Women's Swim Team.

ANIMEfringe: Pawn of the Negaverse.

ANIMEfringe: Home of the whopper.

ANIMEfringe: Almost 4 days since last accident in the workplace!

ANIMEfringe: Over 4000 Served.

ANIMEfringe: Digital Ritalin.

ANIMEfringe: Oh, what a feeling!

ANIMEfringe: Made from 100% pure ground beef.

ANIMEfringe: New, improved formula leaves your hair soft, shiny and managable.

ANIMEfringe: We have video girls.

ANIMEfringe: Your last line of roach defense!

ANIMEfringe: Have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'.

ANIMEfringe: The best fringe is an ANIMEfringe.

ANIMEfringe: We need sleep.

ANIMEfringe: You'll want to run away. You'll want to run far away. You'll want to run far, far away. You'll want to run far, far, far, far, far, far, far away.

ANIMEfringe: Pyromanical Anime-liking strange people with no lives do write webzines.

ANIMEfringe: Home of the never-ending square dance!

ANIMEfringe: 30 Days or it's Free!

ANIMEfringe: If eye contact occurs, flush with water immediately and consult a physician.

ANIMEfringe: The other purple meat.

Well, that's it. Aren't they just adorable? Anyway, I think I'll leave while I have my dignity. Hopefully we'll do this again real soon. But until then, I'll just slink back to editing things and doing all the pretty graphics you see around you. Ta.

Page 7 - Cover Story (cont'd) ANIMEfringe: June 2000 - Page 8 Page 9 - Reviews
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