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Kiss Destination - Gravity

Review by: Diana Kou

Who IS True Kiss Destination?

Let's sit and think for a moment. Perhaps a quick jog of the memory will lend a helping hand? TKD are Tetsuya Komuro (Producer, GLOBE member) and newcomer Asami Yoshida. "What significance do these two play", you ask? Ever think of the ingenious music behind the game, 'Dance Dance Revolution'? Well that's where TKD steps in - - They supplied roughly 8 songs for the Arcade Version of the game! (I personally have NOT played the game, only because it's always mobbed! ^^())

I obtained this wonderful album from my good friend Troy "Yen" Gonzalez, recording engineer at True Kiss Disc, Honolulu. He participated in the recording of tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16. This CD is TKD's second album, whereas the first was a Limited CD Album entitled "TRUE KiSS DESTiNATiON", catalog number TRUEKC 101.

Tracks on "Gravity" are listed as follows, along with a short review for each song:
(Songs with an * were featured in the Arcade Version of Dance Dance Revolution)

Track 1 - Gravity
This is simply one of TK's 'intro' sequences, opening with the sound of a ping-pong ball falling, and a short poem recited by Asami.

Track 2 - Everybody's Jealous
TKD's fourth major single release, featuring the smooth sound mix of Pachelbel's Canon in D Major in the background. Reminds me of Evangelion!

Track 3 - Future of the Day
TKD's fifth major single release; This song is quite repetitious, but as all the other songs, smooth and interesting to listen to, with an awesome beat.

Track 4 - Africa *
TKD's first single major release, as well as the sixth analog single, being their rendition of the oldie song. The beat has been 'updated', so to speak, and the nice mix of Japanese-English dialogue is used quite frequently here.

Track 5 - Victim (united states mix) *
TKD's third and fourth analog singles. This song almost sounds like something Namie Amuro or GLOBE would do, indicating it's particularly 'unique' and continuing usage of beats.

Track 6 - Girls, Be Ambitious! (album mix)
TKD's second major single, as well as seventh analog single. Whoever has sampled this song agrees with me that it is definitely one of the best tracks of this album! The beat is great, and Tetsuya's short raps coincide perfectly with Asami's singing.

Track 7 - Dedicated to You
This song reminds me of TLC's later sounds, although the title of the exact song escapes me at the moment. This has a quaint R&B feel to it, as well as several word/piece excerpts from "Silent Night" and "Joy To the World" mixed into the song.

Track 8 - How Do You Think? (gravity mix) *
TKD's fifth analog single. This song is pretty repetitious in itself, but Asami's rap sessions are definitely cool. The beat is a bit bland, but Asami sure makes up for it.

Track 9 - Can You Dig It?' (gravity mix) *
Nothing different than my comments for track 8, however this song is a bit more amusing. The beat is great though; I can now see why it was used in DDR.

Track 10 - Interlude
This is a pretty good interlude track, as TK always adds those little scenario/dance streams on albums he produces. I could have definitely seen this placed into a DDR game, however... it wasn't! It flows right into the next track, entitled...

Track 11 - Responsibility (manhattan b. mix) *
I really 'dig' this song. All of the elements of the song compliment eachother perfectly; The wide array of instruments such as guitar, mixers, piano and such work together really well, despite what one may think.

Track 12 - Precious Moments -When Will I See You Again- (tk mix) *
TKD's first and second analog singles, rendered from the classic love song. Of course, this version is a Japanese-English mix of dialogue, as was 'Africa'. I like the variation of style on this album, and this is a pure reason why.

Track 13 - Over & Over (bob brockman mix) *
TKD's third major single, as well as eighth analog single. This is a good song. One of the more upbeat, yet mellow, songs. Again, almost a beat that GLOBE would feature.

Track 14 - Sugar Baby Love
This is probably my second favorite songs, if not first, of the album. TK supplies the smooth sounds on his piano, with the help of some other beats and instruments. I could totally imagine Asami in a 'bar-club' type scene if this was made into a music video - - The flow of the song is so relaxing!

Track 15 - Long & Winding Road
I know I keep comparing songs to GLOBE and Namie Amuro, but this song is definitely a ballad/song I'd expect of Namie Amuro! I suppose that's what happens when they all have the same producer, neh? This is also a great way to complete an album, as then followed by...

Track 16 - Sugar Baby Love (early morning version) *
I like this version a tad more than the other (track 14), as it only consists of TK's piano works and Asami's soft humming to the beat of 'Sugar Baby Love'. These two really make a great team.

Two songs of which are also featured in DDR and performed by TKD but are NOT featured on this album are "Hello Again" and "Pure Mind", which are probably earlier or newer works of the group (most likely the latter).

Should you get this CD? If you like various beats with a jazzy and game-like dance mix to it, definitely! If you're also a fan of DDR, it is a total must! Trust me : You will not be disappointed with this album! I must also make note that Asami Yoshida has one of the most crisp and clear Japanese-Pop voices I've heard, which really makes her stand out compared to other female J-Pop artists out there.

For the curious, there is a short sample MP3 available of three songs on this album from myself and mixed by Kaneda-kun. This sample consists of songs 'How Do You Think', 'Responsibility' and 'Long & Winding Road'.

If you haven't already, check out my review on Namie Amuro's "Genius 2000" album also in this issue of AF. That's all the time for me this month -- Catch you later!

Want to hear a sample of Kiss Destination - Gravity?
3 songs: How Do You Think, Responsibility, Long & Winding Road
MP3, 22 KHz, 32 kbps, 170KB, 0:42 -
click here to listen

Review Info File
Kiss Destination - Gravity
CD Audio (CDDA), 16 tracks
Tetsuya Komuro
Sony Music (Japan)
True Kiss Disc
Sells for 3,059 / 2,913 conversion.
First Press Limited Edition Copy comes with a Prism Sheet Box.
Released November 17th, 1999 - Out of Print November 16th, 2001

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