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Combustible Campus Guardress (Bakuen Campus Guardress)
4 episode OVA
Akahori Satoru
Hagiwara Kazushi
Jump Video
Seen it all before, but thatís no reason not to see it all again.
Overall Rating: C+

Animefringe Reviews:
Combustible Campus Guardress
By Mike Baker

"The Remnants will soon awaken"

Its hard to see what, if anything, went wrong with this series, the creators definitely knew what made a good OAV work when they were writing this. It has everything; apocalyptic story line, sailorsuit-clad schoolgirls, the usual love-triangle (two girls vying for the same boy, as always, the lucky...), the cute girl who insists on talking in the third person, and the, sometimes ridiculous, style of humor that is taken straight out of an SD series. Unfortunately all these classic elements are just thrown together with a bit of wishful thinking.

Its also hard to talk about the plot, what little there was of it, without giving too much away. From what I could gather, every 30,000 years our world converges with another world, the Dark World (nice and original, eh?). When this happens a gateway opens somewhere in the Kanto region of Japan (thatís a guess, I donít think its ever said where they are, but it all looks suspiciously like the Tokyo suburbs) and that means the total destruction of our planet somewhere down the line. So, what do you do if youíve got an annoying gateway in the middle of your town? Thatís right, you build a school on it. The Gateway School Campus (not actually as combustible as the series title suggests, but, as in most anime, is quite prone to demolition).

Now for the sides, in the blue corner we have the Remnants, who are just that; leftovers from the Dark World stuck in our world and just trying to get home, and in the yellow corner we have the Guardians, who all, at first, seem to be sempai at the school. The whole deal is that our friends the Guardians are trying to use the Kagi (thatís Japanese for Ďkeyí for anyone who doesnít know) to stop the gateway from opening (I donít know about you, but I always thought it was the other way around, donít keys open gates?), and the Remnants are trying to stop to Guardians from stopping the gate from opening.

As can be guessed, originality wasnít strong on the minds of the creators. In fact, the whole sort of reminds of everything else, particularly X, also the main character, Hazumi, has what I can only refer to as her "Nuku moments", when her eyes become more rounded and her canines show, making her look like Nuku Nukuís lost twin sister.

This is the point in the review where I blatently contradict everything Iíve just said. Because for all my criticism Campus Guardress isnít actually a bad series, its just not special either. Those of you who are new to anime, or want to show someone what anime is, then this is a good series that contains more than its fair share of textbook anime situations. And for the rest of us this series has that "the same, but different" feel about it, which although sometimes annoying, can also be refreshing. Not every series can be extra-special and this one probably wonít be remembered as anything more than a statistic, but its still worth watching, and the jokes stay funny, even though you stop laughing at them.

Just watch out for the ending, its the sort of cute twist would make all but the most hardened Sailor Moon fan cringe.

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