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Bastard!! OVA

Episode #1: The Explosive Wizard

The Four Lords of Havoc have once again reached Meta-Rikana and their evil sorcerer. Kebidabu, is devastating the valiant defenders. The Great Priest Geo knows that the only one powerful enough to defeat the Four Lords of Havoc is their old boss Dark Schneider, but how can he risk his lovely daughter Yoko to break the seal, and dare he rely upon their most feared enemy?

Episode #2: Efreet the Fire Elemental

One of the Four Lords of Havoc, Gara the Ninja Master, senses the resurrection of Dark Schneider, infiltrates Meta-Rikana, and kidnaps Yoko. gara hopes to lure dark Schneider to his fortress so that he can find out why Dark Schneider is defending Meta- Rikana, but only if Dark Schneider can survive the series of lethal traps designed specifically to test the wizard. The final trap will be a battle between the fire loving warlock and the Great Demon of fire, Efreet! Can fire defeat fire?!

Episode #3: Ninja Master Gara

In order to free Yoko, dark Schneider must defeat his old general, and one of the Four Lords of Havoc: Gara. This fierce battle will be more than bloody - it's personal! After all, Gara is more than a little upset that the Explorer Wizard would betray both his comrads and their old dreams over a woman!

Episode #4: The Immortal King Di-Amon

The army of the Lords of Havoc resumes its attack on Meta-Rikana, and its new leader is powerful Arshes Nei, an elfin sorceress and dark Schneider's old lover! Naturally, their first meetings are less than friendly, but before they can truly confront each other, Toko and Dark Schneider, once again imprisoned with Rushe, are captured by the maniacal Di-Amon - a vampire aiding the cause of the Lords of Havoc!

Episode #5: Thunder Empress Arshes Nei

Arshes Nei, one of the Four Lords of Havoc, challenges Dark Schneider to a duel. With their powers nearly equal, the deciding factor will be their spirit, but as ex-lovers, can they really put their hearts into killing each other? Dark Schneider can, but the results are not exactly what could be predicted!

Episode #6: The Return of Dark Schneider

Abigail, another one of the Four Lords of Havoc, attacks with his army of the undead. The soldiers of Meta-Rikana flee in horror as the corpses of the city's own army rise up to join in the attack! Arshes Nei and Gara rally a small band of heroes to counter Abigail, but without Dark Schneider their cause seems hopeless. Will Dark Schneider be able to save the day? - The epic conclusion!

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!