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From: 	Patrick Yip
Sent: 	Thursday, January 08, 1998 9:34 AM
Subject: 	[EVA] RCB Translation PART ONE (The commentary]

     PY @ TOKYO 
     I received a few requests to see the whole piece of RCB Translation. 
     So I am re-sending all of them (Part ONE, Part TWO, Part THREE - I, 
     II, III, IV and V , altogether 7 pieces). Currently I am doing some 
     revision work to correct various small mistakes I have. But I think I 
     should not let people wait for that. So bear in mind that there may be 
     quite a few mistakes around....

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     Now the real stuff. The first part contains the "commentary" of the 
     THE RED CROSS BOOK (aka RCB) -- the final(?) canon of Evangelion 
     translated by Patrick Yip ( 1997/10/19
     The Red Cross Book (referred to as RCB onwards) is the pamphlet 
     sold in the cinema to those who came to see the movie "the End of
     Evangelion". It cost 800 yen. The book is A-4 in size and landscape in 
     orientation. The cover is pitch black with a red Georgian cross 
     superimposed on it, hence the name "Red Cross Book" On the cross, the 
     words "THE END OF EVANGELION" was printed, in thin, match-like manner. 
     What makes this book particularly special and meaningful to all EVA 
     fans is that, for the first time, we hear the voice from Gainax about 
     why and how the movies were made. We also know a great deal about the 
     answers to some of the most discussed after mysteries in the anime. The 
     "commentary" "glossary" and "production notes" are three parts that are 
     most informative. I shall strive to translate these three sections so 
     that all the EVA fans could know the latest update of the "official" 
     answers to the EVA mysteries (real-life or anime :-)
     "THE END OF EVANGELION" is the final of the series "Neon Genesis 
     Evangelion". This movie is composed of the 25th episode "Air" and 
     26th episode "True Heart to you" (Magokoro wo, kimi ni).
     At the end of TV EP.24 "The last Shito/Nagisa", Kaworu Nagisa, the 
     first one who understands our hero Shinji Ikari, also the last 
     Angel, was killed Shinji's own hand. Ep.25 "Air" starts right after 
     this. Therefore, Ep.25 and Ep.26 are the continuation of TV EP.24 
     "The last Shito".
     In TV, after the EP.24, EP.25 "The end of the world" (Owaru Sekai) 
     and EP.26 "The one who calls only I/Love at the center of the 
     world" (Sekai no Chuushin de AI wo yondake mono) were shown, and 
     the series ended afterwards. Therefore, after the end of TV EP.24, 
     the story of Evangelion can be said to branch into two. There is 
     one ending as shown in TV EP.25 & 26, while the Ep.25 & 26 as 
     shown in "THE END OF EVANGELION" is another ending. (Here we use 
     the kanji number for TV Episode, and Arabic number for the movie 
     episodes) -- PY: I use EP for TV and Ep for movie --
     TV "Neon Genesis Evangelion" was an anime series which ran from 
     1995 October to 1996 March. The planning and original story were
     done by GAINAX, which is known to produce anime "The Wings of Oneamis" 
     and "Fushigi no Umi no Nadia", also games like "Princess Mecha".
     The animation production was done by GAINAX and Tatsunokopuro.
     "Neon Genesis Evangelion" has always been, since its inception to 
     this movie, evolving with the director Hideaki Anno as the centre. 
     From the theme, the skeleton of the story, up till the single pieces 
     of the dialogue, they all bear the stint of Anno's creative 
     When Evangelion was shown on TV, it received the enthusiatic support 
     of many fans. Discussions started on many topics: The intriguing 
     SF settings, the dyanmic fighting scenes, the metaphysical taste 
     derived from the appearance of many Christian and psychoanalytical 
     jargons, the super-intensive amount of information. Evangelion 
     overtakes all prevous anime on all these counts. It could be taken as 
     real "Neon Genesis" of anime. The tremendous popularity could match 
     the biggest hits like "Space Battleship Yamato" and "Mobile Suit 
     Gundam". The "Eva phenonmenon" was created.
     The big theme in Evangelion is the "heart of people". This is also 
     one of the attractions of this series which counld not be found in 
     other anime works. The relationship with others, the meaning of 
     the existence of self, what is the self.... Evangelion started as 
     a realistic SF mecha action anime. At first, the "people's heart" 
     issue of the main characters is just some add-on to the drama. 
     However, as the plot moved forward, the issue of "people's heart" 
     grew much bigger than other elements like mecha actions or the 
     solutions to the mysteries. 
     At the last episode of the TV series, "Sekai no Chuushin de 
     AI wo yondake mono", it became an odd-looking episode which 
     depicted only the internal world of the hero Shinji Ikari. Although 
     that was fulfilling for the main theme, the drama of the characters 
     and further development of the Eva world were left unfinished as 
     the story ended.
     It became an exploding issue as the last TV episode was considered 
     incomplete. The voice of the fans grew stronger and stronger as 
     they demanded the proper ending of the drama, the explanation of 
     the mysteries or just a new story. With a view to meeting these 
     demands, it was decided to remake the EP.25 & 26.
     At first, the remade episodes 25 and 26 were supposed to be released 
     in OVA, but during production it was decided that it would be a 
     theatre release. There is a "EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH" (Shito 
     Shinsei) which consists of the summary episode of the TV series 
     "Death" and the new remade "Air" which serves as a climax. 
     However, since later the content of the remake grew to an unexpected 
     proportion, the content shown in "REBIRTH" was actually 2/3 of the 
     new episode 25. As the first part of the final, "EVANGELION DEATH 
     and REBIRTH" was shown in March 1997.
     It has been 4 months after "EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH", and now 
     the completion of the final is shown. This is this movie "THE END 
     As mentioned before, "THE END OF EVANGELION" is the continuaton from 
     TV EP.24 "The last Angel". All the Angels had died. Now the final 
     phase, the Human Complementation Project of Seele, had started.
     The Strategic Self-Defense Force attacked the Headquarter of NERV. 
     The deathly fight between Asuka's EVA-02 and the mass production 
     models of EVA series. The resolved mysteries. And then, the ending 
     of the HCP. The heart of Shinji.... In Ep.25 (AIR) and Ep.26 (True 
     Heart to You), the drama of main characters, actions, solutions to 
     the mysteries etc are all contained. Also this is done in an 
     experimental way, which strives to follow the TV series in bringing 
     up the real issue of "people's heart". As its title suggests, this 
     is the ending of the final of "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
     The chief director and script play is Hideaki Anno. The castings of 
     Ep.25 (Air) is Waya Tsurumaki (PY: don't know whether this is the 
     correct translation) and that of Ep.26 (True Heart to You) is Hideaki 
     Anno. The animation production is, as in EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH, 
     jointly done by GAINAX and PRODUCTION I.G.
     The movie lasts for about 87 minutes.
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