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From: 	Patrick Yip
Sent: 	Thursday, January 08, 1998 9:36 AM
Subject: 	[EVA] RCB Translation (PART THREE) (Glossary II)

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     Secondly, the FAQ of "What is RCB?"
     THE RED CROSS BOOK (aka RCB) -- the final(?) canon of Evangelion 
     translated by Patrick Yip ( 1997/10/19
     The Red Cross Book (referred to as RCB onwards) is the pamphlet sold 
     in the cinema to those who came to see the movie "the End of 
     Evangelion". It cost 800 yen. The book is A-4 in size and landscape in 
     orientation. The cover is pitch black with a red Georgian cross 
     superimposed on it, hence the name "Red Cross Book" On the cross, the 
     words "THE END OF EVANGELION" was printed, in thin, match-like manner. 
     What makes this book particularly special and meaningful to all EVA 
     fans is that, for the first time, we hear the voice from Gainax about 
     why and how the movies were made. We also know a great deal about the 
     answers to some of the most discussed after mysteries in the anime. 
     The "commentary" "glossary" and "production notes" are three parts 
     that are most informative. I shall strive to translate these three 
     sections so that all the EVA fans could know the latest update of the 
     "official" answers to the EVA mysteries (real-life or anime :-)
     In the Glossary of the RCB, the words beginning with English alphabet 
     come first, followed by words beginning with Japanese characters, 
     which are arranged in the conventional order (a,i,u,e,o,ka,ki,ku...and 
     so on)
     [Ibuki Maya]
     Second Lieutenant. Belonged to the First Section of the Bureau of 
     Techonology in NERV HQ, she is responsible for tasks like the monitoring 
     of the Synchronisation Rate of EVA pilots and the gathering and analysis 
     of EVA-related data. She respects very much Dr.Akagi Ritsuko, her 
     immediate superior. For personal character, it is said that she is 
     fastidious, but honest and sincere. 
     Birthday July 11. Bloodtype A. Age 24
     [Secret Dead Sea Scrolls] (URA SHIKAI BUNSHO)
     A document that seems to be used by Seele for the direction of their 
     actions. Following what was recorded in "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls", 
     Seele built EVA and fought the battles against the Angels. It seems 
     that this same document also recorded all invading Angels. 
     By the way, the "Dead Sea Scrolls" as exists in real life was dug out 
     from a cave near the Dead Sea of Israel in 1947. Its contents include 
     the "Old Testament" of Bible and its acryophaea.
     [Entry Plug]
     A capsule-shaped cockpit inside which the EVA pilot sits. EVA is started 
     by the insertion of such plug into its back neck (the same applies to the 
     virtual entry plug -- dummy plug). In emergency the plug can be ejected 
     and becomes an evacuation capsule. The plug is equipped with parachute 
     and ejection rocket for this purpose.
     The formal name is "General-purpose Humanoid Decisive Combat Weapon - 
     Artificial Human (Adroid) Evangelion" [Hanyou Ninkei Kessen Heiki - 
     Jinzou Ningen Evangerion]. In order to implement the Human 
     Complementation Project, 14 years of time and astronomical amount of 
     money were used to build Evangelion. Being able to deploy A.T.Field as 
     well as neutralize it, it is the only weapon that human have to counter 
     the Angels. It takes its power from electricity and without external 
     supply it can maintain only 5 minutes of activity. Thus usually it 
     takes the electrical power it needs throught Umbilical Cable. (EVA from 
     EVA-05 onwards doess not need this cable because it has the S^2 Engine)
     Originally EVA does not have soul. To have a soul in EVA, EVA-01 had 
     the soul of Igari Yui living in it. 
     The origin of the name "EVA" was thought to derive from EVA, the wife of 
     Adam, from the "Old Testament" of Bile, and "Evangel", the English for 
     the gospel.
     [Evangelion mass-produced model (EVA series)]  (Evangerion RYOUSANKI)
     The nine EVA (EVA-05 to EVA-13) built at different NERV branches. 
     Different from the existing EVA's, these EVA's are under the command 
     of SEELE, not NERV. Since they have S^2 Engine mounted, they have 
     infinite active duration, and thus do not need Umbilical Cables. 
     They also have foldable wings which enable them to fly. In order to 
     start the Human Complementation Project, SEELE throw them into their 
     battle against NERV, and as a group they destroy EVA-02.
     [Kaji Rouji]
     Belonged to the Special Surveillance Department of the Secret Agency 
     NERV. He also belonged to the Investigation Department of the Internal 
     Ministry of the Government of Japan. Taking orders from SEELE, he 
     infiltrated in NERV to find out its secrets. He arrived at Japan from
     the Germany branch of NERV, together with the Second Children and EVA-02. 
     He quitted from the Germany branch, and without going back, stayed and 
     worked in NERV HQ. Katsuragi Misato used to be his lover in his 
     student years but later seperated from each other. They resumed their 
     relationship after Kaji came back to Japan. Because of his own 
     curiosity, he made enemies and was consequently killed by gunfire. He 
     left the product of all his investigation to Misato. 
     Birthday June 17. Bloodtype A.
     [Katsuragi Misato]
     Rank: Major. Belonged to the first section of military operation bureau of 
     the tactical miliatry operations department in NERV HQ. She is also the the
     leader of the military operations headquarter, responsible for the military
     command of EVA's. She was saved by her father, whom she hated, from the 
     Second Impact. The fact that as a result she lost her father damaged her 
     mentally and this manifested externally as a long period of agnosia (loss 
     of speech). She sees the image of her father in the pendant of cross that 
     she wears. While she is inside NERV, she always keeps a weary suspicion 
     feeling towards the behaviour of Commander Ikari. With the information left
     by her lover Kaji Ryouji, she pursued after the truth on her own.
     Birthday: December 8. Bloodtype A. Age 29
     [Gaf's Room]  (Gabu no HEYA)
     A word spoken by Fuyutsuki in ep.26. He said that the opening of Gaf's Room
     has the same meaning as the start of the world as well as the opening of 
     the door of the finale. When this door is open, the surface of the Earth 
     turns to LCL, human can no longer keep intact their physical forms as 
     individuals but return to LCL form. At TV ep.21, Ritsuko also mentioned 
     the Gaf's Room.
     [Keel Lorentz]
     The chairman of the Committee of Human Complementation, also the director 
     of SEELE. His body is totally machine from backbone down. He gave 
     instructions of direct occupation of the secret agency NERV, so as to 
     start complementation with EVA-01.
     [Black Moon] (KUROki TSUKI)
     The word used by SEELE to describe the egg of Lilith, the source of life. 
     In ep.26, when Human Complementation Plan started, we know that the huge 
     underground cavity underneath Neo-Tokyo-3 which later became Geo-Front
     is in fact the "Black Moon".
     [Community/Colony]  (GUNTAI)
     Misato used this word when she said that human are "a colony of worthless" 
     from the point of view from the Complementation Plan. For colony, it 
     originally means a group of individual organism linked to each other, each 
     of them can produce new individuals by splitting or budding. Each 
     individual organism within a colony can live as its own independently.
     [Third Impact]
     A large-scale catatstrophe following the First (Giant) Impact and the 
     Second Impact, as foreseen by human. It had been said that this would 
     be started by from alien Angels who came into contact with Adam stored 
     underground beneath Neo-Tokyo-3, and therefore EVA and NERV were 
     there to protect this from happening. However, the truth is that they 
     were there precisely to start the Third Impact, the real objective 
     being the Human Complementation Plan.
     [Third Children]
     It means Ikari Shinji -- The third suitable person chosen by the 
     Marduk organisation. Without training, he managed to start up 
     EVA-01, which had been ridiculed as "09 system" because of its 
     0.000000001% start-up probability , and surprised all those 
     involved. Afterwards, he became the dedicated pilot of EVA-01 and 
     stayed in Neo-Tokyo-3. Having a higher Synch-ratio than other 
     Children, he often becomes the core force in battles against 
     A big underground city buried deep underground below Neo-Tokyo-3. 
     This was built using an pre-existing spherical cavity (though
     most of it had been under earth and dust at first). Its ceiling was 
     almost totally destroyed when in ep.25 the Strategic Self-Defence Force 
     mounted their attack against NERV, and Geo-Front became exposed to 
     NERV HQ is located at the centre of Geo-Front, and is surrounded by 
     big forests and underground lakes. The many high-rising buildings 
     that hang upside-down on the top part of Geo-Front are the "Celing 
     City (Tenjou Toushi)". It looks exactly the same as Neo-Tokyo-3 that 
     sits above it, and is used to accomodate the sunken buildings of 
     Neo-Tokyo-3 when an Angel comes to attack.
     After the start of the Human Complementation Plan, we know that this cavity
     is actually the egg of Lilith -- the "Black Moon".
     [Angels] (SHITO)
     Some lifeforms originated from the source of lifeform which is called 
     "Lilith". It could be any size or shape: a big cube, a form as small 
     as the size of bacteria, or even a shadow which has no tangible form. 
     Borrowing the words from Fuyutsuki's dialogue in ep.26, it seems that 
     "Angels" got the "Fruit of Life" whereas human got the "Fruit of 
     Intelligence". It can be said that "Angels" is just another form of 
     human, with the same probability of appearance as human. Human is 
     thus the 18th Angel.
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