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From: 	Patrick Yip
Sent: 	Thursday, January 08, 1998 9:36 AM
Subject: 	[EVA] RCB Translation (PART THREE) (Glossary III)

     *********************** PY @ TOKYO ******************************
     First the usual disclaimer of translation:
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     Secondly, the FAQ of "What is RCB?"
     THE RED CROSS BOOK (aka RCB) -- the final(?) canon of Evangelion 
     translated by Patrick Yip ( 1997/10/19
     The Red Cross Book (referred to as RCB onwards) is the pamphlet sold 
     in the cinema to those who came to see the movie "the End of 
     Evangelion". It cost 800 yen. The book is A-4 in size and landscape in 
     orientation. The cover is pitch black with a red Georgian cross 
     superimposed on it, hence the name "Red Cross Book" On the cross, the 
     words "THE END OF EVANGELION" was printed, in thin, match-like manner. 
     What makes this book particularly special and meaningful to all EVA 
     fans is that, for the first time, we hear the voice from Gainax about 
     why and how the movies were made. We also know a great deal about the 
     answers to some of the most discussed after mysteries in the anime. 
     The "commentary" "glossary" and "production notes" are three parts 
     that are most informative. I shall strive to translate these three 
     sections so that all the EVA fans could know the latest update of the 
     "official" answers to the EVA mysteries (real-life or anime :-)
     In the Glossary of the RCB, the words beginning with English alphabet 
     come first, followed by words beginning with Japanese characters, 
     which are arranged in the conventional order (a,i,u,e,o,ka,ki,ku...and 
     so on)
     [EVA-01] (SHOGOKI)
     EVA-01 TEST TYPE. The first EVA to be thrown into real battle. It is 
     the second EVA, after EVA-00, that was built in EVA HQ. Although it 
     contributes a lot in its participation of many battles against Angels, 
     it also behaves unexpectedly in many occasions: going berserk, 
     starting up without the presence of Entry Plug, staying active after 
     its activity time limit etc. It obtained the S^2 Engine directly by 
     defeating and devouring the 14th Angel. 
     Colouring is purple. Dedicated pilot is Third Children -- Ikari 
     Shinji. It seems that inside it lives the soul of his mother -- Ikari 
     Yui. Also, it seems that the physical body of EVA-01 was made using 
     Lilith. This is why in the case when the Spear of Longinus was lost, 
     EVA-01 became the only substitute of Lilith as the tool for Human 
     [Human Complementation Plan]  (JINRUI HOKAN KEIKAKU)
     A plan to induce artificial evolution for human, who had reached an 
     impasse in becoming a colony of worthless, to become a total 
     single-form organism. It was under the direction of SEELE, and the 
     secret agency NERV was the implementation organisation. However, the 
     expectations of SEELE seems to be different from the objective of NERV 
     (which means the objective of Gendou and Fuyutsuki). 
     EVA was in fact not planned as a weapon. It was built with the aim to 
     realise this plan. More specifically, it seems that the plan is to 
     artificially start the Third Impact, thus erasing all human, and after 
     human shed their physical form, they will then evolute into a new 
     [Stigmata]  (SEIKON)
     A word used by members of SEELE in ep.26 to describe the bloody wounds 
     appeared at both hands of EVA-01. It is called "stigma" in English. 
     Originally it means the burn marks applied on cattle or slaves. In 
     Catholic areas, it is said that the wounds suffered by crucified 
     Christ (on both hands, both feet, side of abdomen, forehead) sometimes 
     appear on human with no external reason.
     [Tree of Life]  (SEIMEI no KI)
     When the Human Complementation Plan starts, EVA-01 grows into 
     something like a tree, with its roots spreaded towards the sky and its 
     branches extended to the ground. Regarding this Fuyutsuki comments, 
     "EVA-01 is returned to the Tree of Life". A Tree of Life that has its 
     roots and branches inverted appears on both Hindu scriptures and the 
     Kabbalah. This was called "the Inverted Tree"
     [Fruit of Life]  (SEIMEI no MI)
     It is mentioned by Fuyutsuki in ep.26 as the thing that Angels have. It is 
     written in "Genesis" of "Old Testament Bible" that at the centre of Eden 
     there were the "Tree of Wisdom" and "Tree of Life". Human disobeyed the 
     order from God and ate the "Fruit of Wisdom". But what if the "Fruit of 
     Life" was instead eaten? Could the answer be the Angels? 
     Moreover, the myth has it that one can live forever if he eats the fruit 
     from the Tree of Life.
     A secret organisation that existed even before the Second Impact. It hid 
     the truth about the Second Impact and the existence of Angels and uses
     its power to abuse UN and other countries. After the Second Impact, it used
     UN as a cover, established the Committee of Human Complementation and the 
     secret agency NERV, and built the EVA series. 
     SEELE's Human Complementation Plan is mapped out according to what was 
     recorded on the "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls". The objective of the plan is 
     to move human up to another stage of evolution. However, with the loss of 
     the Spear of Longinus, and then the rebellion of Ikari Gendou, the 
     commander of the secret agency NERV, it became inevitable that the plan 
     has to be changed at the last stage.
     By the way, "Seele" means "soul" in German. All organisations that are 
     related to SEELE, like GEHIRN and NERV, all have their names derived from 
     German. Could it be that these organisations first started in Germany?
     [SEELE's Coat of Arm]  (SEELE no MONSHOU)
     A coat of arm which has an inverted triangle superimposed by seven eyes. 
     The same emblem was painted on the mask that covered the face of Lilith. 
     Its relationship with Jehovah, who is the absolute God in "Old Testament 
     Bible" and is sometimes said to have seven eyes, is unclear.
     [Second Impact]
     This is called so because the catastrophe was the largest since the 
     Giant Impact, when a small meteorite collided with Earth 4 billion 
     years ago. There were radical changes in Earth's environment: Floods, 
     Volcanoic eruptions and change of Earth's axis etc. These, combined 
     with the civil war on a world scale afterwards, caused half of the 
     world's population to die. 
     Usually its cause was explained as a massive meteorite fallen on the 
     Markam Mountain in Antartica. But in fact its cause was artificial: 
     SEELE and Gendou's group reverted Adam, the first Angel, back into 
     embryo before other Angels woke up, and this caused the Second Impact.
     [Second Children]
     It means Souryu.Asuka.Langley, who was chosen by Marduk organisation, 
     after Ayanami Rei, as a suitable candidate. She received training at 
     the Germany branch of NERV, and was then sent to Japan as the 
     dedicated pilot of EVA-02. 
     When she lost her self-confidence because of low Synch-rate, she went 
     missing for a while. She was finally found and brought back by agents 
     from the secrety agency NERV. At ep.25 "Air", she was still taking 
     medical care in hospital ward when the Strategic Self-Defence Force 
     invaded NERV.
     [Tree of Sephiroth]  (Sehuiroto no KI)
     A graph of symbols in Kabbalah (A mystery sect of Judaism which built 
     around the mystery interpretations of "Torah"). It represented, as a 
     diagram, the physical rendition of the 3-dimensional images of the 
     spiritual realm. The same diagram can also be found in Gendou's office. 
     The diagram is composed of ten circles linked by 22 paths. It shows 
     the route of how a human can attain the highest possible spiritual 
     level. Moreover, many other interpretations are said to be possible: 
     As a step-by-step diagram for meditation, as a map that shows the way
     to wisdom, or as a prediction for human's future etc. In ep.26 "Magokoro 
     wo kimi ni", EVA series formed a big Tree of Sephiroth on the sky.
     [Noises of Cicada]  (SEMI no KOE)
     In the world of Evangelion, because of radical changes in the climate 
     and environment caused by the Second Impact, Japan had lost her four 
     seasons and had a summer climate all through the year. That is why in 
     the anime the noises of cicada can always be heard.
     [Strategic Self-Defence Force]  (SENRYAKU JIEITAI)
     A military force directly under the Defence Ministry of Japan. Triggered 
     by the military conflicts between China and Vietnam over the Spartleys, 
     it was formed by the Japanese government which had no military force of 
     its own (all the army, navy and air force of the original Self-Defence 
     Force had been incorporated in UN Force). The English abbreviation is 
     JSDF, which stands for "JAPAN STRATEGY SELF DEFENSE FORCE" [sic]. It was 
     also often called "Senji" as its short form. In ep.25 "Air", under the 
     instruction from the Japanese government, one division of JSDF was 
     deployed in an attempt to directly occupy the secret agency NERV.
     [Central Dogma]
     A huge and wide underground area directly beneath NERV HQ. Its lowest 
     level has a sea of LCL and Lilith who was cruficied on a red cross.
     By the way, in biological terms, "Central Dogma" means the 
     irreversible information flow that occurs in the transformation DNA -> 
     RNA -> protein. 
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