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From: 	Patrick Yip
Sent: 	Thursday, January 08, 1998 9:38 AM
Subject: 	[EVA] RCB Translation (PART THREE) (Glossary IV)

     *********************** PY @ TOKYO ******************************
     First the usual disclaimer of translation:
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     2) Bill me as "Patrick Yip ", despite 
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     This applies to all my translation that have been released (either 
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     Secondly, the FAQ of "What is RCB?"
     THE RED CROSS BOOK (aka RCB) -- the final(?) canon of Evangelion 
     translated by Patrick Yip ( 1997/10/19
     The Red Cross Book (referred to as RCB onwards) is the pamphlet sold 
     in the cinema to those who came to see the movie "the End of 
     Evangelion". It cost 800 yen. The book is A-4 in size and landscape in 
     orientation. The cover is pitch black with a red Georgian cross 
     superimposed on it, hence the name "Red Cross Book" On the cross, the 
     words "THE END OF EVANGELION" was printed, in thin, match-like manner. 
     What makes this book particularly special and meaningful to all EVA 
     fans is that, for the first time, we hear the voice from Gainax about 
     why and how the movies were made. We also know a great deal about the 
     answers to some of the most discussed after mysteries in the anime. 
     The "commentary" "glossary" and "production notes" are three parts 
     that are most informative. I shall strive to translate these three 
     sections so that all the EVA fans could know the latest update of the 
     "official" answers to the EVA mysteries (real-life or anime :-)
     In the Glossary of the RCB, the words beginning with English alphabet 
     come first, followed by words beginning with Japanese characters, 
     which are arranged in the conventional order (a,i,u,e,o,ka,ki,ku...and 
     so on)
     Second Children. Dedicated pilot of EVA-02. Nationality is USA, despite 
     being one fourth Japanese and one fourth German. Having a high degree of 
     intelligence, she graduated from university at 14. At the early stage of 
     real battles, she boasted a higher Synch-rate than Third Children etc. 
     The suicide of her mother led her to grow into a character of extreme 
     agressiveness. She could only keep her mental balance by making outward 
     noises about her own excellence. 
     Birthday: December 4. Bloodtype: O. Age: 14
     (PY: happy birthday Asuka!! -- don't want Tom to do it again :-)
     The real mother of Soryu.Asuka.Langley. She fell into mental breakdown in 
     an accident during an experiment. Afterwards, she became a person who lived
     in her own world, so much so that she committed suicide. Her soul was used 
     as the core of EVA-02.
     [Dummy Plug]
     A virtual Entry Plug which was developed for starting and using EVA without
     the pilot. Even though it has a copy of the personal pattern of the 
     Children, the digitization of the soul is impossible. Thus the Dummy Plug 
     can only serve to simulate the thought pattern. The Dummy Plug prepared by 
     NERV had the copy of the personal pattern of First Children (Ayanami Rei). 
     On the other hand, the Dummy Plug prepared by SEELE used the personal 
     pattern of the Fifth Children (Nagisa Kaworu).
     The new capital city of Japan. Built in the old Nagano prefecture to 
     replace the old Tokyo. Construction started in 2001 and it acquired all the
     functionalities suited for a capital in 2003. In 2005 the second capital 
     relocation plan was agreed, and it was planned that the capital would be 
     moved to Neo-Tokyo-3, still under construction then. 
     By the way, old Tokyo was annihilated by the new bomb dropped one week 
     after the Second Impact. Again, the construction of Neo-Tokyo-2 was decided
     by the Provisional Government of Japan.
     In ep.25 "Air", when Hyouga mentioned "the second Tokyo", he meant this 
     Neo-Tokyo-2 as well as the government of Japan which was located there.
     Although in public it was circulated as the new capital city that would 
     replace Neo-Tokyo-2, it is in fact a fortress city for ambushing the 
     Angels, which was built with the expectation of Angels coming to attack it.
     But then the ambush combat force is the EVA. The city mainly serves the 
     function of supply and support. Armed buildings -- supporting facilities 
     which are made to look like ordinary buildings -- stood inside the city 
     like forests. Inside the buildings are the discharge outlets of EVA, 
     electricity supply, replenishment of weapon and ammunition and supporting 
     guns. There are also many ambush weapons installed around the city. 
     Spreaded below the city is the wide and big Geo-Front. Located at its 
     centre is the headquarter of the Secret Agency NERV. 
     In ep.25, the city was first attacked by the Strategic Self-Defence Force, 
     and then EVA-series were thrown into the attack. This annihilated all the 
     combat strength of the city except for EVA-01.
     [Single-Form]  (Tantai)
     The objective of the Human Complementation Plan is the induced artificial 
     evolution of human into "an organism which lives as a total single-form". 
     This "single-form" means a life form which ends as a single individual. And
     this term is used to distinguish with "community form", which is life form 
     formed by a multiple of individuals. 
     [Fruit of Wisdom]  (CHIE no MI)
     The "thing" that is held by human. The product of this wisdom seems to be 
     "Science", which is praised by Gendou as "the power of human" but ridiculed
     by Fuyutsuki as what "caused the Second Impact". Both EVA and the Human 
     Complementation Plan are all the products of this wisdom. 
     From Genesis of the Old Testament of Bible, it was said that at the centre 
     of the Garden of Eden beside the Tree of Life, there was a Tree of Wisdom 
     -- a Tree that knows good and evil. Human disobeyed the order of God and 
     ate its fruit. As a result God banished human from the Garden of Eden and 
     imposed many constraints of freedom on human. If that is the case, does it 
     mean that human got wisdom in exchange for banishment from the Garden?
     The persons picked by Marduk, the consultative body directly under the 
     Human Complementation Committee, (in fact NERV is Marduk) who can pilot 
     EVA. According to the order of being chosen, the persons are called First, 
     Second, Third etc. What is common to all of them is that they are all young
     boys and girls who do not have mothers.
     By the way, the candidates of Children are grouped in Class 2-A of the 
     First Municipal Junior High of Neo-Tokyo-3. 
     [Rite of Passage]  (TSUUKAGIREI)
     A ritual ceremony performed when a person changes his identity in the 
     society and acquires new responsibilites. It is a declaration to outside 
     about the personal change in a social sense. It is also a prayer for safe 
     and peace to come with the change. In ep.25 "Air", members of SEELE comment
     that the Human Complementation Plan is "the Rite of Passage aimed to bring 
     new vigour to human which has become blocked-out"
     In ep.26, when Hyouga checks on the status of EVA-01, he confirms that the 
     Destrado of the pilot -- Ikari Shinji -- is getting physical (PY: or 
     un-metaphysical, material). 
     Destrado is, according to the theory advocated by E.Weiss, the energy of 
     the self-destructive impulse. It is the antonym of Libido. Its meaning is 
     different from the energy of "Instinct of Death", advocated by P.Federn, 
     the master of Moltedor-Weiss.
     [Secret Agency NERV]  (TOKUMUKIKAN NERV)
     An extra-legel organisation which aims at pushing the Human Complementation
     Plan. It was organised by moving the whole GEHIRN, the investigation body 
     for the same plan, into this new body. The headquarter is located at 
     Neo-Tokyo-3. It is also an international body with branches in Germany and 
     USA etc. Although to outsiders it is an organisation directly under UN, in 
     fact UN has absolutely no influence over it. It is under the command of 
     SEELE. Holding several Evangelion, the General-Purpose Humanoid 
     Decisive-Battle Weapon, it possesses the only combat force capable to 
     counter the Angels. However, its vulnerability to anti-personnel combat was
     fully exposed when it received attacks from the Strategic Self-Defence 
     Force in ep.25 "Air".
     [Nagisa Kaworu]
     Fifth Children, who was sent by SEELE to NERV. However, his real identity 
     was the 17th Angel. Perhaps he was an Angel which was captured by SEELE at 
     his embryo stage. Different from other Angels, he has a mind quite close to
     human's. On documents his birth-date is AD2000 September 13th. In human 
     form he made contact with Third Children (Ikari Shinji). Although he had 
     good feelings towards Shinji, he was strangled and killed by EVA-01 piloted
     by Shinji. It was he who said "Life and Death are equivalent" and "Only one
     life-form could be chosen to be given the future".
     [EVA-02]  (NIGOKI)
     EVA-02 PRODUCTION MODEL. The first EVA in the world to be built for real 
     battles. Design and manufacture of components were done by Japan. The final
     assembly and start-up experiment were done in Germany. It went through a 
     real battle when it battled with the 6th Angel which suddenly appeared 
     during its delivery to Japan. Afterwards, it joined in the defence of 
     Neo-Tokyo-3 and assumed the responsibility of ambushing the Angels. 
     Colouring is red. Dedicated pilot is Second Children -- 
     Souryu.Asuka.Langley. Inside EVA-02 lived the soul of Asuka's mother -- 
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