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From: 	Patrick Yip
Sent: 	Thursday, January 08, 1998 9:40 AM
Subject: 	[EVA] RCB Translation (PART THREE) (Glossary V)

Foreword in my post back in 97/12 ******************

     Hello all,
     This is the final installment of the translation of the Glossary of RCB!! I
     finish this quite hurriedly, so I expect more mistakes in this section. 
     However I really want to post it before the end of 1997 ^_^  In case you 
     wonder how come I said this with more than a week before 1997 comes to its 
     end, I will be on vacation from X'mas day (X'mas day is *NOT* a public 
     holiday, BTW. So I am taking my annual leave) and won't be around until 
     Jan 5. Yes I will unsubscribe from the list during this period, and I won't
     have any access to Internet either. That's why I want to finish this 
     project first. If you are still wondering, yes I mean to finish the project
     of translating the RCB. All the important parts of the RCB have been 
     translated (no, I don't consider the interview with Kazuya or the voice 
     attresses to be important information :-) and I would call the project as 
     completed. My next target is the translation on EOE. I shall use the 
     translated text available on the web (done by a Japanese) for the scene 
     descriptions but I shall put my translation for the dialogues. 
     In case I am not posting any more mail (I might see something interesting 
     that I want to reply) let me say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you 
     all!!! We'll meet next year.
     ************************************** End of Foreword
     *********************** PY @ TOKYO ******************************
     First the usual disclaimer of translation:
     Want to repost or archive this? Just follow these rules: 
     1) Don't change the content, although formatting is ok. You can 
     translate it into html, just don't go inserting your own paragraphs, 
     or changing words (even spell-checking). If you want to translate 
     this, you have far too much free time on your hands. Mail me.
     2) Bill me as "Patrick Yip ", despite 
     what email address you see this coming from.
     3) Leave this disclaimer intact. 
     This applies to all my translation that have been released (either 
     posted to the Evangelion ML, or rec.arts.anime.misc). You don't need 
     to send me mail to ask permission to archive this, but it might be 
     a nice gesture to let me know you did it.
     Secondly, the FAQ of "What is RCB?"
     THE RED CROSS BOOK (aka RCB) -- the final(?) canon of Evangelion 
     translated by Patrick Yip ( 1997/10/19
     The Red Cross Book (referred to as RCB onwards) is the pamphlet sold 
     in the cinema to those who came to see the movie "the End of 
     Evangelion". It cost 800 yen. The book is A-4 in size and landscape in 
     orientation. The cover is pitch black with a red Georgian cross 
     superimposed on it, hence the name "Red Cross Book" On the cross, the 
     words "THE END OF EVANGELION" was printed, in thin, match-like manner. 
     What makes this book particularly special and meaningful to all EVA 
     fans is that, for the first time, we hear the voice from Gainax about 
     why and how the movies were made. We also know a great deal about the 
     answers to some of the most discussed after mysteries in the anime. 
     The "commentary" "glossary" and "production notes" are three parts 
     that are most informative. I shall strive to translate these three 
     sections so that all the EVA fans could know the latest update of the 
     "official" answers to the EVA mysteries (real-life or anime :-)
     In the Glossary of the RCB, the words beginning with English alphabet 
     come first, followed by words beginning with Japanese characters, 
     which are arranged in the conventional order (a,i,u,e,o,ka,ki,ku...and 
     so on)
     [Mark of NERV]
     The Secret Agency NERV has a mark which is composed of three parts: the 
     name of the organisation, a picture and a motto. The name of the 
     organisation is the 4 character word "NERV". The motto is "God is in his 
     heaven. All right with the world" (PY: the Japanese translation of this 
     English motto is given in the original text, which would be pointless to 
     translate back into English :-) , a section taken from "Pippa Passes", 
     written by a 19th century poet Robert Browning. And then the picture is a 
     half piece of fig leaf. The fig leaf, accoring to legend, is the symbol of 
     the original sin which entangled Adam and Eve. It reminds us of the human 
     who ate the Fruit of Wisdom.
     [Ark]  (HOUSHUU)
     A rectangular shaped boat. From Exodus in the Old Testament of Bible, Noah 
     received a revelation from God to build a huge Ark and put all animals pair
     by pair onto it, thus saving all species from a world-scale flood. 
     In ep.26 the dialogue said by Fuyutsuki, "Is it becoming an Ark which saves
     human from the nothingness of Third Impact?", touches on this legend.
     [Command Centre (literal translation: Command Announcement Office]  
     A command room located inside the Central Combat Operation Room of NERV 
     HQ. It reminds one of the bridge of a military ship. During combat, seven 
     people including the commander, deputy commander, combat operation leader 
     would gather in this place to form the core staff. All the instructions 
     would then come from this room. 
     There are more than two such command centres in NERV HQ. Since the first 
     was destroyed during the intrusion by the 14th Angel, the second command 
     centre is currently in use.
     By the way, below the command centre are three secondary command centres 
     and the original MAGI systems are installed there. This becomes the cause 
     of the hesitation of the invading JSDF over their tactics.
     [Hyouga Makoto]
     Rank lieutenant, belonged to the first section of the Bureau of Combat 
     Operation of the Central Combat Operation Command Deparment in NERV. He 
     serves as the combat aide-de-camp for Misato, the leader of the Combat 
     Operation HQ, and also responsible for things like analysis of the combat 
     situation. He has some good feeling towards Misato, his superior, and 
     lends his hand for her objectives, collecting intelligence information for 
     her at many occasions. 
     Birthday February 13th. Bloodtype B.
     [First Children]
     It means Ayanami Rei, the first suitable person picked by Marduk 
     organisation. She acts as the "experimented" for all experiments related 
     to E-Plan like the start-up experiment of EVA etc. She participated in 
     real battles as the dedicated pilot of EVA-00, and completed many ambush 
     operations against the Angels.
     [Fuyutsuki Kouzou]
     The deputy commander of the secret agency NERV. Before the Second Impact, 
     he taught in the University of Kyoto as the professor of Meta-Biology. It 
     is at the same place that he got to know Ikari Yui and Rokubungi Gendou. 
     Even shortly after the Second Impact, he was in opposition to Gendou. 
     However, after their meeting at the Research Institute for Artificial 
     Evolution, he suddenly changed and started to help Gendou. It also seems 
     that he holds not just a little good feeling towards Ikari Yui.
     Birthday April 9th. Bloodtype AB.
     [Plug Suit]
     The dedicated uniform for EVA pilot. It has the effect of raising the 
     synch-rate and protecting the body etc. This suit is totally one piece 
     covering from feet to neck. Its structure is similar to things like 
     wet-suit. There will still be space between the suit and the body after it 
     is put on, but by clicking on a switch on the wrist the suit then sticks to
     the body.
     [Progressive Knife]
     A melee fighting weapon which forms a blade with high-frequency vibrating 
     particles that cuts through the object of contact on a molecular level. It 
     is one of the standard equipments for EVA and is usually stored in a space 
     at the shoulders. EVA02 uses a new cutter-type knife -- even if the blade 
     is broken, a new blade will come out from the back by pushing a button, 
     making the knife useable again. It is often called in its abbreviated 
     form: Prog Knife.
     [Frigate]   (Furigeeto KAN)
     A military ship standing by at the underground lake inside Geo-Front. It 
     has the high speed and sea-worthiness of a destroyer and can be used for 
     anti-submarine, anti-air and alert patrol purposes. Since the ship belongs 
     to NERV, at the broadsides of the ship the printed letters of "NERV" could 
     be seen. At ep.25 "Air", it is destroyed by the fighting between EVA02 and 
     A general name for phenol resin, used for heat and electrical isolation. 
     The Bakelite used in situations like stopping the EVA00 which ran berserk 
     during an experiment and transportation of ADAM etc is one of the 
     thermostatic plastic, which has the property of drying super quick to 
     become something like concrete. Since all physical motions of an object, 
     when wrapped by this Bakelite, can be brought to a halt, it is also used 
     to prevent the intrusion of NERV HQ by the Strategic Self-Defence Force 
     in ep.25 "Air". On the other hand, JSDF also uses Bakelite to cut off any 
     physical contact between Third Children and EVA00. 
     [Enchantment/Haunt]   (IDAI/yoridake)
     An object to which spirits stick. Also an object that becomes a media 
     through which spirits manifest themselves. At ep.26, when SEELE uses 
     EVA01 and converts it into a Tree of Life, Fuyutsuki uses this term in 
     A giant crucified on a red cross at the extreme depth under NERV HQ. 
     Its face is covered with a mask which has the Arm of SEELE drawn on 
     it. Its hands are penetrated by nails that are stuck on the cross. 
     Although it does not have the lower body when it was pierced by the 
     Spear of Longinus, it grows its lower body after the Spear was pulled 
     Originally the Human Complementation Plan planned to use this Lilith. 
     However SEELE changed the plan after the Spear was lost, and they 
     attempted to use EVA01 for Complementation purpose. At that moment, 
     Keel Lorentz says this is "the copy of Lilith". By this it seems that 
     EVA01 was actually made by copying Lilith. 
     By the way, in the preaching literatures of the Rabbis, it was said 
     that Lilith (Lilit) was the very first wife of Adam. It was also said 
     that between Adam and Lilith were born the demons and spirits.
     The name used by Nagisa Kaworu to mean human. From the legends, Lilin 
     (the name Lil-In is also used) was the children born between Adam and 
     his very first wife Lilith. After that, Lilith became a demon who 
     attacked the new-born babies, and seduced men who are sleeping so that 
     they ejaculated in their sleep. 
     [Spear of Longinus]
     A giant spiral-shaped spear which can penetrate A.T.Field. The spear 
     splits into two branches at the one end, but these two branches will 
     recombine into one when the spear is thrown against an object and 
     penetrates it. 
     The spear was first used during the battle against the 15th Angel. It 
     destroyed the Angel on a satellite orbit. However the spear itself 
     reached the Moon and became unretrivable. That said, the real use of 
     the Spear is not meant to be a weapon. It seems that it is a necessary 
     item in the Complementation Plan which uses Lilith. 
     By the way, Longinus was the name of the soldier who used his spear to 
     pierce Jesus who was being crucified on cross. The spear is stored as 
     a relic by the St.Augustine Church in Rome.
     [Spear of Longinus (copy)]
     The fighting weapon used by the mass-production model EVA. It is 
     modelled on the Spear of Longinus and its shape and length can change. 
     When it penetrates a A.T.Field, the two tips which branch out from the 
     spear's end spiral into one and intrude into the field. At ep.25, this 
     spear penetrates the A.T.Field of EVA02 and then the still-fighting 
     EVA02 itself, and EVA02 stops. This spear cannot be used for 
     Complementation which involves Lilith, but as a weapon it has almost 
     the same power as the original Spear.
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