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Hyperdoll: Mew & Mica The Easy Fighters OVA

Episode #1: "The Earth Is, The Earth Is In A Big Bind!"

Super heroines from space, the Hyper-Dolls.
When they were pursuing the mobile life forms, Doll Mica and Doll Mew landed on earth. First, it seemed like a breeze to conquer their enemy. Now, however, because of their inexperienced strategy, their enemy has eluded them, they have destroyed properties and on top of that, they have encountered a new enemy called CHAOS and wound up stuck on earth!!

Now disguised as high school girls who called themselves Mew Fumizuki and Mica Minazuki, Mew and Mica are actually enjoying their new life on earth. They often make fun of their buddy Akai, who is the only one that knows who Mew and Mica are. And they tease Shoko, who wants to know the secret of the Hyper Dolls.

One day, when the dolls were lounging by the pool, they encountered "Kurage-man" (a jellyfish-like creature)! Akai managed to get rid of Kurage-man, but now a new enemy landed on earth..., "Inago-man" (a locust-like creature)!
Go Hyper-Dolls! Don't mess up this time!

Episode #2: "Peace On Earth, Love Humans!"

The Hyper-Dolls, Mew & Mica. Every day our super heroines are trying very hard (...maybe) to protect peace on earth. This time, all of a sudden, Mt. Fuji explodes during class! More trouble...? Akai is worried. Nevertheless, the Dolls decide to go to the fireworks show and leave with their school friends. In the festive atmosphere, Shoko is upset because Akai is having a good time with Mew and Mica and not paying enough attention to her.

Akai tried to comfort Shoko but accidentally rips off the sleeve of her brand new yukata. Now, Shoko's really angry! While trying to remain calm, Shoko decides to retaliate and starts drinking. Then, all of a sudden, "Mimizu-man" (a worm-like creature), Ver Wurm, who had escaped from a previous Doll's encounter, appears at the fireworks show! Akai and Shoko are in danger! Go Hyper-Dolls! You have no time to waste eating yakisoba noodles! (By the way, yakisoba noodles look like chow mein)!

All text from the box of the Pioneer Entertainment release.

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!