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Moldiver OVA

Episode #1: Metamorforce

In Tokyo 2045, the mysterious superman, "Moldiver", appeared. Mirai Oozora found out that it is a super suit that her brother developed. This suit enables the wearer to transform into Moldiver, it can reflect any forms of interference and even modify the laws of physics. Mirai transforms into Moldiver, and she begins her secret identity as Moldiver! The first episode of the SF comedy that contains everyday 21st century lives, and continuous action!!

Episode #2: Overzone

Hiroshi and Nozomu fly to Florida for a business trip, and to attend the International Song Show. Mirai, however can't go on the trip because she is living on part jobs and doesn't have the money. But when she finds out that Misaki is with Mio, her rival, she quickly transforms into Moldiver and flies to Florida. As the show starts, Professor Machingal tries to take over the Space Shuttle. Hurry Moldiver!! It is second episode of the series!

Episode #3: Longing

There is something I want you to have... Is it the invitation of the date from Misaki? Mirai happily goes to the meeting area, but because of Mirai's misunderstanding they miss each other. Mirai's patience runs out and she uses "Metamor-force!" Professor Machingals dolls detect the mol-reaction and come to attack Mirai. It is a e battle in Tokyo! Can Mirai get together with Misaki? It is the third troublesome episode that is packed with action and love comedy!

Episode #4: Destruction

To celebrate "ZIC Battleship Yamato 100th anniversary", Dr. Amashiro plans to salvage the Yamato. But his true purpose is not the Yamato. He is really trying to salvage his grandfather's unfinished invention, "Super dimension armor system" which sank into the sea with the Yamato 100 years ago! Nozomu appears and acquires secret of the Mortron, then he started the system. This causes accidents on the Yamato, and Moldiver comes to investigate! You won't be able to keep your eyes off it! It is 4th episode of the series!

Episode #5: Intruder

Hiroshi was able to divide the Mol-unit into two pieces, No. I and No.2! "I have to give this Misaki!" Mirai is in a hurry, but the inter-dimensional rocket is running at full speed towards Mt. Fuji, its launcher. Mirai starts chasing the rocket, but she encounters with the dolls, who are on a mission to destroy the launch track. They become tired of their mission, and start the final battle. But the Super dolls are enhanced by Mol-technologies, and are strong enemies ... Also a mysterious new superman appears, It is the first pinch in the series!

Episode #6: Verity

The Inter-dimensional ship, Sakigake, is accelerating normally, but Moldiver 3 appears to stop it. Mirai is in trouble because Moldiver 3's features are stronger than J and 2. Sakigake safely makes it's launch to space, but encounters a problem. Because of the battle, Sakigakes orbit is off. Izabelle challenges Mirai for her honor. Can Mirai protect Sakigake and Misaki? The scream of the girl will cause a miracle with the Mol-unit! It is climax of the story! This is the 6th exciting episode!

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You are currently viewing an archived back issue of Animefringe Online Magazine. Click here to read our latest issue!