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Phantom Quest Corp. OVA

Incident File 01: Kiss of Fire

Deep in the basement of a skyscraper in Shinjuku city is an exorcist detective agency named Phantom Quest Corporation. Gathered there are a group of people with psychic abilities to detect ghosts. The owner of the company is Ayaka Kisagiri, a shapely woman with taste in designer clothing. What's going on at Phantom Quest Corp. this time? A confidential mission has been assigned from the Transylvanian ambassador in Japan to Phantom Quest Corp. Dracula's casket, classified as a national treasure, has been found empty. Recent strange murders are believed to have been committed by the ressurected vampire. Ayaka's inseparable companion, assistant police inspector Karino, asks her to investigate the slayings. She jumps at the opportunity immediately. According to Suimei, the fortune teller, the next target will be Makiko. As twilight falls, Ayaka sets watch over her and finally, Dracula appears. Ayaka chases the vampire, but loses him in the night. While chasing the monster, Ayaka finds a cafe that resembles an old European castle. It is called "Tea Room Transylvania."

Incident File 02: End of The World

In Japan, taxis come equipped with karaoke machines for the entertainment of the passengers. One night a drunken Ayaka belts out enka, a type of sentimental ballad, as she is shuttled through the city streets. Suddenly, Ayaka senses danger in the air. She grabs the driver's steering wheel, and escapes disaster. Unfortunately, the autos behind her pile up one by one in a a multi-car wreck. The next morning Ayaka and Mamoru go to the hospital to visit Mr. Sano, the taxi driver, who suffered a minor shoulder injury. They learn that Mr. Sano has passed away. Ayaka becomes suspicious when she witnesses a scar disappear from Mr. Sano's body. Remembering Suimei's prediction, Ayaka is convinced that the devil is behind this. Somone has made a pact with the devil and is secretly responsible for his death. Now, the performance of the Phantom Quest Corp. operation begins, with Ayaka, her two helpers, Rokkon and Namami and Karino.

Incident File 03: Love Me Tender

A strange phenomenon occurs in the area that is being prepared for teh ancient Sahara exhibit. It is rumoured to be the Curse of Sahara. The assignment to calm the workers has been given to Phantom Quest Corp. Ayaka becomes upset because the client, Mr. Nakasugi, call exorcism foolish. Regardless, Phantom Quest Corp. cannot decline the assignment and begins the investigation. Suimei immediately reads her crystal ball and concludes that spirits are present. The date of teh exhibition approaches, but there is not enough time. Meanwhile, Mr. Nakasugi tries to get his hands on Natsuki Ogawa, and a man in an exploration uniform appears.

Incident File 04: Lover Come Back To Me

Everyone knows that creatures, ghosts and monsters that appear in a metropolis are quickly and efficiently terminated by Phantom Quest Corp. The president, Ayaka Kisaragi, has been chasing a werewolf around town in thw middle of the night. The werewolf jumps up all over town during teh night. In front of the agile werewolf, a man and a group of monks blocks its path. The name of the man that quickly terminated the werewolf is Mukyo. The man who leads the esoteric Buddist group Hadja declares war on Phantom Quest Corp.. They announce that they will now perform all exorcisms in the city. From that point on they were always one step ahead of the Phantom Quest Corp. members. Little by little the jobs are taken over by Hadja. Detective Karino of the U-department has sympathy for them, and promises a job to Ayaka. However, Karino disappears the next day without leaving a message.

All text from the box of the Pioneer Entertainment release.

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