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Tenchi-Muyo!: Ryo-Ohki OVA2

Episode #8: Hello! Baby

Yet another dependent joins the Tenchi Family - It's baby! Tenchi's aunt arrives with her grandson one day asking Tenchi & company to take care of the baby for awhile. None of them has any experience in child care, of course. Ryoko and Ayeka display their typical competitive spirits trying to impress Tenchi. Mihoshi remains her usual good- natured, goofy self. Everyone works hard to take care of the baby the best she/he can, but the result is... well, you'll see. And this baby incident causes Washu to reveal some of her surprising past... Enjoy our first episode of the second series now!

Episode #9: Sasami & Tsunami

One nice autumn day, Tenchi & company return to the hot springs resort. The innkeeper greets them happily - finally she has helping hands to repair her damaged buildings and do the cooking and laundry! Then, a ghost is sighted. What is this mysterious white shadow wandering about the inn?! in the middle of the commotion, Sasami feels lost and lonely. Years ago, back on planet Jurai, when the Royal Palace was attacked by Ryoko, something happened to awaken Tsunami, and the hidden incident is troubling Sasami deeply now... The 9th episode of our increasingly independent series!

Episode #10: I Love Tenchi

One clear day with springtime just around the corner, Tenchi happens to hurt Ryo- Ohki's feelings. It was because of some misunderstanding which eventually gets rectified, but Ryo-Ohki cannot quite get back to her normal cheerful self. Then, "The Mass" (meaning "the element of all things"), a strange space creature kept in Washu's lab as a subject of her ever-troublesome experiments, comes into play to make things even worse. Ryo-Ohki's fervent desire to help Tenchi is picked up by The Mass, which causes the situation to head in an unexpected direction... Will Ryo-Ohki's wish come true!? You can see it all in this 10th episode of our swinging OVA series!

Episode #11: The Advent Of The Goddess

Driven by the will of Queen Tokimi, Dr. Clay, a supergenius scientist, heads for Earth to capture Washu. Tokimi, a high level dimensional life form, wishes to meet Washu in person. The evil hands of Dr. Clay reach for Tenchi and company who carry on with their daily lives, unaware of the danger. His assassin is Zero, an artificial life form who assumes Ryoko's appearance. How would Masaki Family deal with this clone of Ryoko...?! One mystery leads to another, and the story unfolds rapidly the 11th episode of our series if finally out!

Episode #12: Zero Ryoko

Zero, disguised as Ryoko, Finally tries to assassinate Tenchi. She Fails to accomplish her task because Ryoko's feelings for Tenchi hidden in her heart do not allow her to hurt him. Her true identity exposed, Zero returns to Dr. Clay with Ryoko as her hostage. Tenchi and company fly out into outerspace to recover Ryoko. Will the Goddess of Victory smile at them. As Washu faces Dr. Clay, the two genius scientist clash. What is the true intention of Tokimi, the mysterious queen and the imperial power hidden in Tenchi...?

Episode #13: Here Comes Jurai

The three visitors from planet Jurai arrive at the Masaki residence without warning- AZUSA, the emperor of Jurai and the father of Ayeka and Sasami, Misaki, their mother, and Funaho, Yosho's mother. They have come to take Ayeka back to Planet Jurai and to check on the Masaki Family, which is full of universal secrets... The endless mystery of Washu, capture of Ryoko, the sworn enemy of planet Jurai, and the true intention of Yosho. With everyone's intention of Yosho. With everyone's intentions entangled and intertwined, the story is suddenly on the move again.

How would Tenchi deal with the biggest crisis in the entire series-the sudden arrival of the father of the girl he lives with?

All text from the box of the Pioneer Entertainment release.

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