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Sci-fi Love-Love Comedy for the Quality-Conscious Otakus!
Overall Rating: A+

Animefringe Reviews:
By Ever Cheung

Anybody remember an anime series called "Gall Force" from the good old days? Or "Gall Force the Revolution" maybe? You know, that story about men and women living on separate planets and they fight each other over and over just because they are the opposite sex? For those of you who cannot remember or never hear of it at all, go and check with your local video stores, they might still have a copy or two of the original "Gall Force" in store. What does that have to do with "Vandread"? Well, everything! The story backbone of the "Vandread" series is basically an hyper charged version of "Gall Force" with a twist, plus high quality computer rendered graphics, lots of comedy, absolutly fabilous opening / ending sequences and... humm... wait a second, I guess it's nothing like the "Gall Force" huh... my bad. =)

The story was set in a time when men and women have been living separatly on their own planet for generations since their departure from planet Earth. For third class citizen Hibiki Tokai who had been living on the male-only planet Taraak since birth, life had never been easy from the start, and when he decided to sneak aboard the newly finished battleship Ikazuchi to steal one of the Bangata combat armor units to prove to his co-workers back at the Bangata parts factory that he's not just all talk, his life just take a turn for the worse or for the better, you be the judge.(^^) The reason? First, the Ikazuchi took off with Hibiki still onboard and once the ship is out in space, it's hijacked by a group of all-female pirates, after that the core of the Ikazuchi where Hibiki, two of his fellow male comrades and the female pirates were was hit head on by the giant torpedo sent by the high commander of the Taraak fleet who had decided to rather destory their new battleship than let it fall into the hands of the pirates, and to top it all off they were sucked into a warp hole and sent to another location that will take them almost a whole year to get back... The good news is that Hibiki, who had never seen or talked to a woman in his whole life will get to live and fight along side a whole bunch of girls! The only catch is, if they can live through the battle against the mysterious alien race that lies ahead of them as one.

The three major points that truely separate this particular series from the rest are the ways relationships between boys and girls were portraed, the special designs on the mechas and the quality of this anime itself. In "Vandread" neither the male side nor the female side had much knowledge toward the opposite sex when the story started (with the exception of the old lady who led the pirate group) and it allows the viewers to see what it would be like if boys and girls see each other for the first time, without any of the ideas given to us in our daily lives as we live today. As for the quality of the anime, it is truely exceptional, to put it in simple terms, comparing "Vandread" with other anime would be like comparing a movie with a TV show, THIS is the reason why DVD technology was created. ;)

Currently "Vandread" is only available for viewing via the Japan Satellite Network WOWOW, though the first volumen had already been scheduled for release on January 26th in DVD and VHS formats. For more background information and pictures from the series, visit Vandread's official Japanese website at: Feel free to contact me in person if you would like to know more about this series or have trouble reading the contents on the offical site.

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