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Angel Links Vol. 1
Bilingual DVD
100 Minutes
Morning Star
Just finished watching Outlaw Star and still want some more? Try Angel Links!
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Animefringe Reviews:
Angel Links Vol.1
By Ever Cheung

Hold your breath and get yourself ready for one of the most attractive females who has made it all the way from the Japanese anime world to ours! Li Meifon is not your typical teenage girl. At the tender age of sixteen, she is the head of the Links Group - the biggest private security service enterprise in the universe, taking over after the passing of her grandfather.

Within the endless space of the dark universe, evil and ruthless criminals and pirates equipped with advanced grippler ships lurk around every corner. This, coupled with the breakdown of police and military forces in near-border areas where government power can no longer function effectively to protect private businesses, means that having security escorts with material and cargo transports has gone from being a luxury to a life-or-death necessity. Being the biggest and best among all the private security service enterprise, the Links Group not only delivers quality security escort services with their state-of-the-art battle ships, they also gives their clients something that no other private companies can match - everything they do for their clients is free! Outragous as it may sound, it was the dying wish of the former owner of the Links Group, grandfather of the current owner Li Meifon. That is, to provide small businesses who cannot afford security escorts a chance to survive in the cruel and dangerous emptiness they call space, a place where no government forces can reach.

With a story developed based on the Outlaw Star universe, Angel Links will give fans of the Outlaw Star series a chance to continue their pursuit of sci-fi excitment in this unique world. Although there are fewer inter-series character interactions in the animes than in the mangas, Angel Links still has some interesting scenes that will allow us otakus to get a different view of the same world we saw in Outlaw Star.

The main story line talks about the hardships and struggles Li Meifon and her crew have to endure in the endless battle to fight off not only the pirates in space, but also the aggressive and harsh emotions from their competitors, for the Links Group's free security service doesn't really make life any easier for them. By sitting side by side with the crew members of the Angel Links, flagship of the Links Group, viewers will be able to take a closer look into the daily lives of our breath taking heroine; her second in command, Hida Housei; the chief of tactics and strategy, Valeria; and the chief of close range combat, Duuz, among many other young members in the crew. Not only do you get to see how they work, but also how then enjoy life.. when they're not protecting the innocents from space bandits, that is!

Volume one contains the first four episodes of the Angel Links series with extra features such as the opening sequence without the credits and a short clip extracted from the Outlaw Star series, when Gene and his crew met Duuz and Valeria at a space station where they were temporarily assigned.

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