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Animefringe Web Showcase for June 2001:
RPG World
Site By Ian J

"I'm a big comic book fan, but I'm not one of those people that actively goes out of their way to read the funnies each day in the paper. So, unsurprisingly, if a web comic hasn't been published in a magazine or in a comic book... chances are I haven't heard of it. RPG World is in that league. But, boy does this comic have a huge archive. There is so much content that it's daunting for a new reader like myself. But, the fun character and stories more than make up for this. I also enjoy how this isn't a strip, but done like a comic book with a continuing storyline."

"Okay, I'll admit it -- I've never really been too keen on RPGs in and of themselves. The last RPG I played was Link's Awakening for Game Boy (but I do intend on trying the new Oracle series out now) and I don't really pay much attention to all the clichés and RPG "customs" and what not... But I can see where they're headed with their comics. You don't really need much of a knowledge of RPGs to get a laugh out of many of the comics they feature, which is certainly nice. Their site design is... plain, plain plain. I think any site would benefit from a cool layout, but just because I have nothing to say about their layout doesn't mean their site sucks! Overall, the site is high-quality and always worth a visit. Great work!"

First off, I must commend the layout. Not too flashy, a good sense of color, and eyecatching in the right places. Page loads quite swiftly for easy access, and the comic strips are *very* humorous. Great page, webmaster. Very entertaining!"

"RPG world has several things going for it: 1) They have frequent updates, three times a week, and 2) They know the absurdities of RPGs inside and out. The plots are silly and the jokes don't always hit their mark, but their something undeniably charming about a comic where characters are aware of their hitpoints and stats. When they level up with a few more experience points, the cartoonists at RPG world will be a force to be reckoned with."

"I'm a big fan of online comics (MegaTokyo, Sinfest, Bad Boys of CS, Bob The Angry Flower, Player vs. Player) and I've run across RPGWorld before. However, RPG World's style of art didn't appeal to me then and it really hasn't made much headway since. The art could stand being cleaned up a little. Plus it's sporadically updated compared to other comics (or some of them anyway). However, RPGWorld does do a pretty good job poking fun at the standard RPG conventions; it just seems like too narrow a field to keep a comic fresh for long. RPGWorld, for the most part is wry but dry; overall, it's not as laugh out loud funny as other comics."

"I have to admit. I am ADDICTED to webcomics. What I liked about RPG world that made it worth mentioning was the fact that the poked fun at things that happen ALL THE TIME in Squaresoft games. Gaming Otaku shouldn't miss this comic at all. Though I have to admit that the artwork could use a little improving, it's one of the funniest I've read. Now that I've said my piece, I'll go back to my hole and sleep."

"I am not a big fan of webcomics. I just don't have time for them, you know? So I kind of had a biased opinion when I went to look at this one.. especially when I saw how big the archive was...! I also took a look at the artwork on the front page and it just wasn't extremely appealing to me, but I don't like to pass judgement on something unless I've given it a fair chance, so I made myself go through the first 20% or the archive and.. lo and behold.. I found myself starting to like it! And I like it for one reason.. I'm a big RPG dork - and I've had some games that went like that.. just all out silliness. By itself, the jokes aren't anything to write home about, but if you put it in a role-playing context in your head, some of them had me rolling on the floor!! This is definitely not for everyone, but RPG junkies like myself will get a kick out of it. "

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