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Anime Briefs: January 2002
By Chris Foster, Ever Cheung, and Ridwan Khan

Astroboy in 2004

Sony Pictures is to take advantage of its 'Imageworks' sector and is set to remake Anime classic Astroboy. The film is set to be Sony's first fully Computer-Generated feature and the chiefs at Sony are hoping this film will share the successes of huge CG hits such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc. The film is slated to be released in 2004.

AIBO at Circuit City

The Sony AIBO robotic dog will be sold in the United States through Circuit City. Previously, the metal pooch had only been available to American fans via Sony's online site. Circuit City stores in California, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut, Missouri, Maryland, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Kansas, Oregon, Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina and Washington will carry the new Latte and Macaron models, as well as gold models and AIBO software.

The End of VHS

Pioneer Ent. is taking the first step towards a completely digital age by announcing that as of 12/31/01 they will be discontinuing all their older titles on the VHS format. If you don't have a DVD player yet, time to get hold of one!

Free Card Captor Pencil Board

Pioneer Ent. lived up to their promises when they announced the special gift to go with their upcoming very delayed release of Card Captor Sakura Vol. 4 on DVD (tech). A free mini pencil board will be included in the first 10,000 copies of the subtitled DVD as well as the standard bonus postcard.

Metropolis Debut

TriStar pictures has officially announced that on January 25th, Metropolis will see its American theatrical debut at the AMC Empire 25 theatre in Los Angeles, California.

ADV's New Franchise

ADV Films has announced that it will be releasing wallscrolls developed on their Anime franchises starting next year. The first series' to get the painted cloth treatment will be SiN, AD Police TV, Burn Up X, and Orphen.

Sakura Memorial Packs

SEGA has revealed that they will release Sakura Taisen game boxed sets in preparation of the Japanese DC release of Sakura Taisen 4. SEGA's last effort to please fans comes down to this: The Sakura Taisen Memorial Pack released on January 17 for 3800 yen will include a "memorial calendar." The Sakura Taisen 2 Memorial Pack released on February 7 for 3800 yen will include a "Memorial DVD." The Sakura Taisen 3 Memorial Pack released on March 7 for 5800 yen will include a "Memorial Music Box."
Sakura Taisen 4 will debut in Japan in late March.

Sakura Online Glitch

After the release of Sakura Taisen Online, Sega of Japan received numerous complaints from fans regarding a glitch in the game that stops users being able to trade business cards in the game - stopping users from being able to find a specific user when playing online. The developers of the game, Overworks, are currently looking into the problem.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Numbers

At the launch date of Tokimeki Memorial 3: The Promised Place, Konami announced that the Tokimeki Memorial series has sold over 3.55 million copies in Japan. About 200 fans gathered at an Akihabara game shop waiting to buy the game at its release.

Onegai Teacher Series Info

With a powerful and experienced anime production staff, a brand new love comedy will be making its way to the TV screen in Japan as one of the new series to break out in year 2002. Onegai Teacher is a story about the life of an alien observation officer Kazami Mizuho, disguised as a young and stunningly beautiful high school teacher. She was sent by the Galaxy Union to observe and learn about life on earth in secrecy, and her encounter with Kusanagi Kei, one of the students attending the school she works at. As expected from a romance comedy, besides our alien observation officer, the series also features many cute girls such as Herikawa Koishi, who is a close friend of Kei; a leader in their circle of friends, Misumi Kaede, close friend of Koishi with the hair color of a foreigner; and Morino Ichogo, the mysterious class president who hardly ever shows any emotions. Let's not forget, just like all successful anime series, of course there is a little mascot, Marie, who is also the bio-computer that runs the ship which our alien officer came to Earth in (and the only reason how Mizuho managed to stay 'normal' by Earth's standard...)

Among the most well known names from a long list of staff members are the music group I've who is responsible for the music used in famous romance simulation games such as AIR and Kanon, and character designer Gouda Hiroaki, who is also responsible for directing the smash hit Ah! My Goddess the Movie and one of the original Bubblegum Crisis series. Actual production and planning will be carried out by Please!, an anime group that few know about. The series is scheduled to debut on January 10 at 6:30pm Japan Standard Time on the WOWOW network. For more information about this series and sample artwork, visit the Please! website at:

Pada Pada Airship Adventure Set For TV

There's a new anime based on the works of Jules Verne. Entitled Pada Pada Airship Adventure, it's scheduled to be broadcast January 2, 2002. It's going to be broadcast in High Definition format. A sneak preview including a "making of" , character information, and world background was aired on December 2. Twenty-six episodes are planned, scheduled for a late Saturday night airtime and an early Saturday morning rebroadcast.

- i wish you were here - a Hit

Leading the way into a new digital age, GONZO and Goo Japan (a Japan search engine, general information and entertainment website) have teamed up to deliver one of the biggest anime projects shown on BOTH TV and online via the internet earlier during the fourth quarter of 2001, a series entitled - i wish you were here -. Although many were doubtful about the actual realization of the project because of the large amount of technical support required, the series' success showed that streaming media holds an important role in the world of consumer entertainment.

With ten episodes available for internet users thus far, - i wish you were here - is also being broadcast via traditional TV on the Kid's Station network. Directed by Mizushima Seiji, who also directed Chikyuu Bouei Kigyou Dai Guard, with music by Kawai Kenji in cooperation with Nihon Columbia; - i wish you were here - is a sci-fi adventure series about a certain virus outbreak in a fictional near future.

Story began with the arrival of a mysterious meteor that came crashing down to earth in the state of Texas on April 2nd, 2000. The virus that was later give the code name M34 first infected some people who were rock-climbing in the hills near the area where the meteor fell. Because of the fact that the virus could hide inside a body for 30 days before it began to multiply, a large portion of the US was infected before the existence of the virus become apparent. As a countermeasure toward the crisis, a new special agency known as C.U.R.E. was created. By focusing - i wish you were here - on two of the members of the agency, Yuuji and Ai, the story takes viewers into the mysterious realm of nano and bio technology through one of the most illustrious battles in human civilization, to battle an enemy that we cannot see with the naked eye, an enemy within. For additional information and actual streaming download links of this series, please visit the official Goo Japan website at:

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