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Miracle Girls Vol.3
Graphic Novel
176 Pages
Nami Akimoto
A heartwarming tale of twins, the guys they love, and psychic powers.
Overall Rating:

Animefringe Reviews:
Miracle Girls Vol.3
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Miracle Girls is a shoujo manga about two identical twin sisters, Mika and Toni, who have psychic abilities. They can communicate telepathically with each other, they can levitate objects, and they can even teleport when they are together.

One day, Mika, the brains of the family, invents a formula that gives whoever drinks it temporary psychic powers. Mika's friend Jackson accidentally drinks the potion and ends up being able to part the sea, but with a severe side-effect that leaves him in pain.

Volume three picks up as Mason Templar, a mysterious millionaire kid who wants nothing but to get the girls' formula, and Jackson are debating on whether to race against each other. Mason pressures Jackson into not following his teammates advice. Jackson grows angry and then clutches his head in pain as a minor earthquake rocks the field and school before he falls unconscious. It seems that the effects of Mika's serum haven't fully worn off yet...

After school, Mason runs into Mika while she is on her way home and tries to learn more about the strange occurrences that have been happening. Mika telepathically calls to her sister who rushes to the scene only to end up making Mason more suspicious. Toni makes up an excuse and rushes home with her sister. The next day, Mika learns that she's been picked against her will by Mason as the lead of a play for her school's cultural festival. Trust me, things can only get worse when this guy is around.

Still, this is shoujo, and Mason might be a bit mysterious and sinister, but this isn't his story. It's the story of two sisters who want nothing but to be together and be with the guys that they like. This volume shifts halfway from the problems Mason creates to Toni's struggle to pass her entrance exam so she can go to the same school as her sister and gets a boyfriend in the process. So things aren't all strange all the time. In fact, some of the events are quite heartwarming.

The volume is the size of a standard paperback novel and can easily fit in virtually any pocket for those readers on the go. The artwork is reproduced very solidly, so there is no ink fadeout to be found, but this does come at a price. The paper, while being a nice white shade, is not as stiff as some of the early trade paperbacks and this does allow the artwork to be faintly seen through the pages. The biggest problem I've personally found with pocket manga in general is the fact that text and artwork that appears next to the seam is often extremely difficult to read without needlessly bending the book's spine. But, that's just the perfectionist in me being overly anal.

Miracle Girls is the work of Nami Akimoto, who sets herself apart from other shoujo artists through her unique and very expressive eyes. For one thing, Mika and Toni's eyes are a lot bigger than most manga characters and they have more light textures added to them. The extra glare that is added to each character's eyes helps to bring out the emotions that the characters are experiencing. Still, art is only one part of the manga experience and Miracle Girls' fun characters and entertaining plot keeps this series light-hearted and fun to read.

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