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Anime Briefs: February 2002
By Jack Blazkiewicz, Chris Foster, Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Marvel Mangaverse continues

With the apparent success of Marvel’s take on manga, legendary Ben Dunn of Ninja High School fame will begin an ongoing monthly about Marvin Elwood, a shy teen, surprised to find himself as the heir to an alien legacy. He is charged with the task of defending the planet against the gigantic threat of Galactus. The manga will be 32 pages coming monthy, beginning in April.

Doors close for Anime Daisuki for now.

For over two years, Anime Daisuki provided us with the latest info on upcoming Anime TV, OVA, and Movies. However, no longer, for clicking to the site gives us the following message: "I cannot maintain the site any longer because of the over-transfer rate. The site will be renewed one of these days. "

Anime Daisuki has been an otaku reference for some time, and it will be missed throughout the anime community.

PlayOnline goes feeless

SquareSoft has announced that its PlayOnline service will no longer incur a monthly fee. However, some of the products that will use the service, like the online RPG Final Fantasy XI, will still have its own monthly fees. Square's PlayOnline service is scheduled to begin this spring in Japan. The online network service lets registered users access e-mail, chat rooms, and games such as Final Fantasy XI and Tetra Master. The company plans to announce further details sometime next month.

Utada Hikaru’s 9th Single “Traveling” released

In late November Jpop Queen Utada Hikaru released her ninth single “Traveling”. With only four tracks, it runs almost 30 minutes. The first track is the song title song “Traveling”. The next two are remixes of the title track; the second one is over 10 minutes long. The final track is the ever-obligatory karaoke track. It retails in Japan for 1,100 Yen (catalog# ~ TOCT-4351).

Additionally, at the end of January the DVD single was released. It not only features the colorful music video, but also has a special Making of “Traveling” which runs 21 minutes. At only 1,500 Yen (catalog# ~ TOBF-5126), it’s a bargain, and rumors have it that it’s also region ALL.

DDR Konamix to rival the Japanese versions

While DDRMax has yet to be announced for the home consoles in Japan, the biggest news in the world of Dance Dance Revolution surrounds the highly anticipated third USA version of DDR dubbed Konamix. After the rather lackluster music selection of the first American game and the rather pre-teen Disney version, this latest mix seems to finally be able to bridge the great divide that separates the Japanese and American versions. Set for a April 30, 2002 release date and a price tag of $29.99 very little has been reviled about this game. What is known so far is that the game will have three new modes and 50 songs including "Think Ya Better D" and "Look to the Sky." It seems that Konami has finally listened to what the hardcore fans want and this version of DDR could turn out to be a true amalgamation of everything that has been seen in the Japanese versions up to this point.

Konami releases Beatmania 6th mix + Core Remix for PS2

Just released and sporting over 50 songs to DJ your heart away to, it’s the latest mix in Konami’s DJ simulation game. Over 20 Core Remix of such songs as “jam jam reggae,” “20,November,” and “SKA a go go.” In Japan, it is retailing for 5,800 Yen. Look for it at your favorite import game store now.

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