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Macross Plus Original Soundtrack 1
Compact Disc
11 tracks
Victor Entertainment
Yoko Kanno
Wonderful soundtrack by Yoko Kanno.
Overall Rating:

Animefringe Reviews:
Macross Plus Original Soundtrack 1
By Danielle D'Ornellas

Yoko Kanno, the amazing anime composer, has done work on Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, and why do we always seem to forget, Macross Plus? The second I popped this cd into my cd player I knew I was in for something that I was bound to like. Yoko Kanno doesn't disappoint with her music, and the cd itself was just an overall joy.

The booklet that comes along with the cd has alot of eye candy for you to peruse while you listen to the soundtrack... images of the orchestra, screenshots from Macross Plus, and digital art created just for the booklet. As well as eye candy, there is information on the length of each song, track listings and the credits of all those involved with the making of this cd. But even though it is just the booklet for the cd, the layout and design of the booklet is just as eccentric as the cd itself.

The first track on this cd, is labeled Anthem of Macross and starts out focusing on the brass instruments to make a regal impression on the listener. The entire orchestra comes in later and then mingles well together, rising and falling as another section gets their solos and some take the melodies. This song sounds very noble and in a sense, a warlike song, but a warlike song from the sides of the victors. Nonetheless it is a very strong introduction to this cd.

The second track Fly up in the air ~ Tension starts out as a very cheerful and uplifting song that plays with its melodies. It reminded me of children playing and had a very playful sound to it. It is unlike any other track on this entire cd as it changes its tone so suddenly and the first half of the song is completely different then the second half. The second half still seems childlike, but in a dark and fearful way. The quiet noises of the winds instruments gives a glimmer of hope in the music that seems to represent the natural hope that children always have.

As most soundtracks go, the majority of the songs on this cd are instrumental, but there are two vocal tracks on the cd. The third song "After in the dark, torch song and the eighth song Voices which are both very different songs in tone and length. The lengthy, thundering and toetapping number that is the Torch song comes in at 9 minutes, while it's quiet, enchanting alternative, Voices, clocks in at barely 4 minutes long. Although Yoko Kanno likes to implement songs of different languages into the soundtracks she works on, both these songs are in Japanese.

Torch song is created and presented as a live experience with the audience captured in first 20 seconds cheering. It is a very dominant song that brings itself beautifully, slowly, and gracefully to its close. Voices, on the other hand, starts out very quiet and slow, with one female voice singing. She is slowly joined by a small symphony of very charming instruments. It is a serene song by nature, and even has birds chirping as the song ends the way it began. This is a wonderful song on its own, and a great addition to this soundtrack. The fourth track, MYUNG Theme, is a slow, melodic instrumental partner to Voices and has the same aspects that Voices has in tone and feeling.

The fifth track, Bees and Honey, is a smooth but short song. It is cute and charming in its playfulness, but doesn't touch on the childlike aspects that the second track does. It is the shortest track on the cd, and not exactly the deepest piece to focus on.

The sixth track, In captivity, is a rather depressing kind of song. It sounds exactly like you would expect from the title. It's confining and just not very uplifting. It's beautifully sad at the end and just fades out, unlike other tracks on this cd which like to end with a bang.

Now the next one is rather odd, track seven More than 3cm. It reminded me of a jazz song in the beginning, with the piano playing. It's a soulful piece that turns from its jazz side into an orchestral mood before it ends. Kind of reminded me of Yoko Kanno's work on the Cowboy Bebop music.

In direct opposition of In captivity, the 9th track Break Out ~ Cantabile is a strong piece at the beginning that softens out to a slower pace altogether. It has hope and isn't depressing, even though it evokes a sad emotion, as it has a slow fade out to the end of the song.

Another little track, Very Little Wishes is a cute quiet song, that begins like a musicbox. It is soothing, as a musicbox would soothe a child to sleep. In my opinion, this should've been the last track on the cd, it would close the cd on a better note, a happier and more soothing end.

When it comes to the last track on the cd, SANTI-U, I have mixed feelings about it. It is definitely the most eccentric and 'out there' track on the cd. I just didn't know how to take it, myself. It has eerie whispering and childrens laughter with the beating of a drum. There are also children chanting as the main focus of the beginning of the song. It then changes to a television surfing the channels! This song just irritated me before I was even halfway through it. I just couldn't get very comfortable with this track as the LAST track on the cd. Not my favorite by any means.

Overall, I enjoyed this cd very much. I haven't even seen Macross Plus in its entirety but, I still got very involved in this cd as I listened to it. My favorite tracks would have to be Voices and More than 3CM, they caught my attention more than any others. This cd is a great buy for a Macross Plus fan, a Yoko Kanno fan, or somebody with a soft spot for unique soundtracks. That is... disregarding that last track. :)

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