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In this month's issue:

Cover Story:
By Alex Brotman, Holly Kolodziejczak, and Jack Blazkiewicz

Morning Musume is a huge sensation that has taken the J-pop world by storm. It has become a kind of launch pad for the careers of the girls who come and go from the troupe. But how did the Morning Musume phenom begin? Where did this come from, how has it progressed, and where is it going in the future? Alex, Holly, and Jack took it upon themselves to surf the web and try to come up with as much information as possible on this wonder of the J-pop world. So if you're a fan of Morning Musume who wants to find out more, or if you're a total novice to the world of J-pop, sit back and prepare to be educated by Animefringe's all-out MoMusu information bonanza.

By Holly Kolodziejczak

Go. Played by more than 25 million people worldwide, it's possibly the most popular strategic board game on the planet. Its history stretches back more than 3000 years. Shindou Hikaru, however, doesn't care how old it is; he has absolutely no interest in playing the game when he finds an old board nestled among his grandfather's belongings. But when he is approached by the spirit of an ancient Go master who inhabits the board, he finds there's a whole lot more to the game than it seems...

By Danielle D'Ornellas

Ever wonder what the heck people are talking about when they refer to shoujo anime? Or, maybe you think you know what shoujo's all about, but you don't want to touch it with a 10 foot frilly pink scepter? In either case, Animefringe is about to take you on an enlightening trip to Shoujoland. So, strap on your sailor suit, crack open The Mysterious Play, and give Mokona a pat on its fuzzy little head as Ellie guides you along the way...

By guest columnist Neil Creek

Ever imagined a world where manga grows on trees? Or how about a world where anime dubs itself? Sound like some weird drug trip, huh? Well, the part of about anime dubbing itself might not be such a strange idea. This months Chasing Otakuism delves into how computers might one day revolutionize the way fandom gets it's latest anime buzz.

Reviewed this month:

Anime / Domestic
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Anime / Domestic
By Cynthia Lasley

Anime / Television
By Glenn Bryce

Anime / Import
By Rebecca Lee

Manga / Domestic
By Holly Kolodziejczak

Game / Gamecube
By Patrick King

CD / Soundtrack
By Danielle D'Ornellas

CD / Import
By Ridwan Khan

Web Showcase for March 2002:
By flcl_furikuri

Volume 3, Issue 3
March 2002

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