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Akira Original Soundtrack
10 tracks
Geinoh Yamashirogumi
Not my cup of tea.
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Animefringe Reviews:
Akira Original Soundtrack
By Danielle D'Ornellas

I definitely had high expectations for this CD when I found out that I would be reviewing it. Everybody remembers this movie and how good it was, so why shouldn't the soundtrack be just as good as the movie? Well, for many reasons, it wasn't.

This cd is a soundtrack, so all of the songs on this cd were featured in the movie at some point or time. The problem? This movie was bizarre, so the cd can be expected to be just as bizarre as the movie it was spawned from. The music is from different parts of the movie. As one listens to the cd, they begin to remember certain scenes in the movie, probably giving them the urge to see the movie again, to be able to "spot" which scene each song comes from.

Also, you could read the booklet that came with the soundtrack. This booklet has all the background information on the cd itself and every single song therein. I tried to make it a point to not read the booklet before writing the rest of the review, because the review should be on the music, but I knew I would appreciate the cd more if I read the booklet ahead of time. It has nothing at all in the area of screenshots and movie related art, but has 11 pages of pure information that would have you reading and listening quite a bit.

Some tracks on this cd start off sounding just like somebody recorded wild sound on the streets, and set it to music. Track 6, "Shohmyo", is especially like this. I wasn't sure if it was ever going to turn into a real song or not, and the song it did transform into was a 10 minute piece that I really didn't enjoy. Noh chants aren't something I find entertaining to LISTEN to, maybe watching it, but LISTENING to something I have no interest or understanding in just didn't work for me.

The lengths of the songs were either a) too short or b) way too long. The shortest track on this cd is "Winds over the Neo Tokyo" at 2 minutes and 48 seconds, while the longest is the final track, "Requiem", at 14 minutes and 25 seconds. I was either anticipating more of a certain song, or impatiently waiting for the current one to finish.

"Mutation" was one of the few tracks that actually caught my attention. It is another Noh chant, but there are breaks in it, and then it goes into a softer kind of singing. It became a choral song that reminded me of somebody singing a church hymn. It was nothing too impressive or talented, but I thought it was a nice contrast between the Noh and the choir.

Then there was the final track. This one, entitled "Requiem" is the longest, but it is my belief that on soundtracks, the final tracks should be the longest ones. This song went from just Noh noises to a church organ to a combination of the two, and more. It just went all over the place and felt like the final climax of the cd. This is how the final tracks of soundtracks should leave you - feeling completed, just like the cd.

Overall, this cd is a love/hate relationship. You canít listen to it at parties, you canít listen to it in the car, you can't fall asleep to it, and you can't sing along with it, but you cannot completely despise it. Itís not BAD in the sense that the music was horrible; it was just boring for me. For others who are complete Akira fanatics, this may be the perfect cd. However, for somebody who is only a casual fan who enjoyed the movie, this is not much to listen to.

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