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Animefringe Coverage:
Tenchi-Muyo! Galaxy Police Transporter
By Ever Cheung

It has almost become an instinctive reaction, whenever somebody mentions the possibility of a new Tenchi-Muyo! series, there always seems to be a big group sigh or wince. This is probably an after effect of having to experience the anime disaster that was known as Shin Tenchi-Muyo! (or Tenchi in Tokyo in the US). But, fear not friends! The cure is here, a fresh, new Tenchi-Muyo! series that will surely make you let out a satisfied sigh of relief as you laugh yourself silly.

Remember how the very first Tenchi-Muyo! OVA drew your attention and interest back in mid-90s? That great feeling you get when you find a cool series that you can't wait to show your friends? Now that same feeling can be found just by watching this latest installment ('side story' may be a more appropriate term) to the TM! saga - Tenchi-Muyo! GXP.

With major involvement by the original character designer from the OVA series, Kajishima Masaki (who was also involved in the creation of Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure) and the creator from the manga series, TM!GXP shows fans that the series still has plenty of potential to go forward and compete in today's booming anime world after its long absence from the spotlight.

Offering a well balanced storyline that branches the TM! saga off to a new start without entirely breaking off from the main story played out in the previous OVA series, TM!GXP gives viewers the chance to start off fresh with a new cast and a new stage. The show goes from a bunch of young girls surrounding the all powerful crown prince in a big house by the lake to a spaceship commanded by a simple earth grown boy and just a few girls in the picture (well, at least we can count all the girls around Seina without using all the fingers on one hand).

By creating a new story that focuses on the activities of the Galaxy Police, the new series successfully helps put a break the series out of the stale mold it fell into. The original story had been following Tenchi Masaki all along and fell into a trap of showing nothing but annoying arguments and fights between Ayeka and Ryoko. Plus, the release of Shin Tenchi-Muyo! didn't help much at all (although some people DO like the series, but most fans will disagree).

For normal high school lower classman Seina Yamada attending the same school as the famous Tenchi Masaki has had a bizarre effect on his life. His usually plain and uneventful life began to taken a turn for the worse a few months back when he began to experience an unexplainable phenomenon happening around him. It seems that a stream of bad luck follows him wherever he goes and just won't go away. These bizarre occurrences range from rain clouds that follow him wherever he goes to a bicycle that breaks into pieces without notice. Stranger still are light bulbs that fall on his head when he is in bed and mysterious patches of quick sand that open up on the side of vegetable fields. It just seems that bad luck doesn't have any trouble finding him.

However, like objects on a scale, there is always something good to balance things out when things do go wrong. For Seina, it was the fateful meeting with one of Galaxy Police's top detectives, Amane Kaunakku, on a sunny late afternoon. It seems Seina's special skills for dealing with bad situations can finally be put to good use, that is, after his family forcefully signs him up with the Galaxy Police (in an attempt to try and get rid of the God of Bad Luck, of course).

Once in Seina becomes fascinated by space and wants nothing more than the chance to prove to others that he can do anything if he really puts his mind to it... Even if he 'accidentally' drives the patrol ship into a fleet of space pirates, or breaks something in the ship, or... Well, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let the God of Bad Luck into the Galaxy Police after all. What do you think? Watch and decide for yourself!

Although TM!GXP was designed to be a stand-alone storyline, it still offers plenty of connections with the previous TM! series through the Jurai Royal family and the circle of space pirates. And for those of you who wanted to see some old faces from previous series, worry no more! Cast members of previous TM! series make guest appearances are various points in the new series.

For the most up to date information regarding the series, or anything 'Tenchi', please visit Tenchi-Muyo!'s Japan official site at:

Seina Yamada

Just your typical teenager in all respects. He's hot-headed, energetic, and full of hopes for the future. But, unlike other teens, Seina has to deal with something most guys his age never have to face--the unexplained, unstoppable, and continous string of bad luck that started to turn his world upside down. Not wanting to give in to the depressing comments he gets from his friends and his family, like being refered to as the human-disaester ("Sainan"), Seina always manages to keep his spirits up and ended up developing a special skill to solve problems even in the worst of situations. Like Tenchi Masaki, Seina Yamada soon found himself surrounded by girls after he joined up with the Galaxy Police.
Amane Kaunaq

The female officer who first recruited Seina Yamada for the Galaxy Police. She is a young officer without the ability to think about consequences before taking action. As a result for bringing Seina into the GP, she was sent to the GP Academy to be a part-time instructor as punishment. As a person who never gives in to challenges, Amane always tries her best to over come the obstacles that stand before her, whether it is a space pirate or the 'unfortunate happenings' that are keeping her and Seina apart.
Kiriko Masaki

As an immigration investigator for the Galaxy Police, Kiriko has always been looking after Seina Yamada since he was a kid, as a big sister figure. But, as Seina grew up, Kiriko began have deeper feelings for Seina that she had never felt before. Kiriko's calm and composed nature is often disrupted by Amane's straightforward and aggressive approach toward Seina, especially after Kiriko found out that Amane had been appointed as a instructor at the Galaxy Police Academy where Seina is taking classes.
Ryoko Balouta

Named after the legendary space pirate Ryoko, Ryoko Balouta is a member of the "Da Lumar," an organization formed by surviving members of "Gild" which was wiped out by Jurai and GP task forces. She is the complete opposite of her namesake and is an expert on almost all the traditional Japanese arts including the tea ceremony, flower arranging, and cooking among many others. Being titled as one of the most popular female figures on the GP most wanted list, Ryoko Balouta has always been an idol among male officers, but her elegant exterior often falls apart when Seina is around as she reverts back to a young girl who doesn't know what to do when she's in love.
Mitoto Kuramitsu

Mother of famous GP officer Mihoshi. She is a lady who is just as clumsy as her daughter, if not more so. She can breaking security lines without even trying and she seems to be able to appear out of nowhere just like her daughter.

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