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Animefringe Coverage:
Strawberry Eggs (I, My, Me!)
By Adam Arnold

Take this into consideration, you've just finished college and have a nice shiny teaching certificate that says you are able to teach P.E. (Physical Education) with the best of them. So, what do you do? Hey, that's right, find a place to live, and try to nail down that special job that'll pay you enough so you don't have to live with your parents until you're forty.

Enter Hibiki Amawa, an average guy in this very situation. He's got one itsy bitsy problem - his landlord is a sadistic old hag who's demanding a full month's rent, 1600 Yen including board and utilities, upfront or else his cute little doggy is gonna get it! Yeah, that whole doggie in danger thing has been done to death (*cough* Excel Saga *cough*), but it's a good plot device.

Anyway, Hibiki makes a rather bold declaration that he'll get a job at the local private school. Yet, little does he know that the prestigious Seitow Sannomiya Private School is headed by a four-eyed man-eating feminist who enjoys nothing but keeping young girls' free spirits in check and exposing men for the savages they are.

The odds keep stacking up against Hibiki as he learns that there hasn't been a male teacher at the school in over 10 years! Practically the only thing going for our intrepid kyoshi (teacher) is the fact that for the moment, the junior high is a co-ed school with roughly 1 guy per every say 30 girls (Hey, I like those odds).

Needless to say, Hibiki gets his pride handed to him on a golden platter and is sent scampering back home with his tail between his legs. Waiting for him is none other than Ba-chan, who is there to help him hash out a solution that'll teach that principal a lesson she won't soon forget. But, the solution is one that Hibiki might take some getting used to. Yep, that's right, he's gonna become a woman!!

So what's it take for a man to do the whole cross-dressing thing? Well, according to Ba-chan, all you need to begin is a pair of pink panties, preferably with a cute little bow on them, and the ability to learn how to walk femininely. It also helps if you have long hair because you can easily color that to make you less recognizable. From there, all you need is the right kind of make-up and some presentable clothing.

Okay, that's all fine and dandy, but how does Hibiki hide his, um, package on those days he's gotta show some leg? Well, forget the gender bender, because all he needs to go for is the PMS look and add a lot of padding, emphasis on a lot. That only leaves the problem of having a deep masculine voice and an Adam's apple. Luckily, Ba-chan has got that solution covered. Simply put on her very fashionable voice converter and hit the switch and bingo, problem solved. Still, cross-dressing is one thing, but landing that cool teaching position is another and that's all part of the charm of I, My, Me - Strawberry Eggs.

Hardcore otaku will find one pleasant change, or rather non-change, and that is all of the Japanese honorifics have been retained. That's right, instead of simply calling someone teacher, you'll hear sensei in most cases and all virtually all the names have san, kun, chan tacked onto them. It's a very welcome change indeed, and it's one that helps make keep the sub all the closer to the original translation. In fact, all the honorifics and even some of the original Japanese words also appear in the hilarious English dub as well. Plus, if you loved Crispin Freeman in Hellsing, you'll sure get a kick out of his performance as the male Hibiki in this show.

If you're in the market for the next great comedy series, be sure to give Strawberry Eggs a try, because this 13 episode series is sure to not only tickle your funny bone, but also warm your heart.

Hibiki Amawa (Male)

A guy right out of college who's got a lot to learn about the world. When he decides to become a teacher at a local junior high, it's up to him to prove that men can love and care for students as much as woman can. The only thing is he has to do it while cross-dressing as a woman.
Hibiki Amawa (Female)

A female gym kyoshi with a knack for pissing off the school staff, but she is a competent teacher and really cares about her students. Strangely, Fuko seems to have a major crush on Hibiki. If Hibiki plays his/her cards right, she just might be able to pull off the whole cross-dressing thing.
Fuko Kuzuha

A cute young girl whose heart is as big as her eyes. She's a bit on the clumsy side, but she means well. Other students often pick on her and leave her to do all the chores around the school. When Hibiki Amawa shows up at the school, she begins to have a crush on her new female teacher.

A non-traditional landlord who enjoys hunting down her non-paying tenants, creating amazing little inventions, and running a school supply shop all in her spare time. Ba-chan is old, short, and mean as hell if you get on her bad side. But, she's got her mind right on what matters the most - next month's rent!

A dried up old hag with fossils for brains. She despises men and thinks that only women are fit to be teachers. She is most often seen wearing a traditional Japanese kimono and spouting the school's motto of "Ai Isshin" (Love is All).

The Principal's right hand woman is almost always seen at her superior's side. She is the eyes and ears of the school, but she seems to be more extreme than even the Principal in her hatred of Amawa-sensei.

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