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Campus (Vanilla Series)
Bilingual DVD
60 minutes
Critical Mass Video
That's right. It's Hentai. It's an article for Adults only. All others, shoo! Begone!
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Animefringe Reviews:
Campus (Vanilla Series)
By En Hong

A note of caution: Campus DVD is an adult anime made for adult audiences. If these things offend you, I highly recommend that you do not proceed. If you do find this material offensive, please send all flame mail to me (the writer of this fine article) and not to the editors at Animefringe. Unlike them, I take a perverse joy in enjoy reading hate mail. So once again: This is a review of an Adult anime. If you are a minor, I hereby state that I will take full responsibility if you buy this DVD and your parents freak out. Please ask them to sue me, and not Animefringe. Onegai shimasu!

As hard to believe as it is, I have never watched a Hentai DVD before. Amazingly enough, I do not own some large collection of videos depicting girls pumping away at phalluses as if they're engaged in some vigorous baby batter Super Soaker(tm) battle. So, when I got this DVD, I decided to 'accidentally' drop in the DVD player. As such things go, the TV 'miraculously' turned on and the 'genius' of Campus started to play. After a few minutes, my roommate walked in and asked,

"Dude, are you watching those Japanese cartoons again?"

To which I responded, "Yo man, I don't know what you're talking about, this is the History Channel. It's a freaking documentary - get a little culture."

"Yeah, whatever," was his reply. "Hey, what are they doing now? What is that? What is he putting in her... Oooohhhhh."

Another ignorant fool converted over to the joys of anime - I mean, my roommate is a sick bastard. Those who watch this stuff are just sick. Bad sick. Bad. Anyway, since Campus DVD is technically anime (in one way or another) we'll just move on.

Takakage is just like a normal college student. He goes to a local arts school, he has a cute sister (we're informed very early that she's not blood related) and he has this recurring dream. He dreams of 400 years ago and the samurai Genshiro. Genshiro is about to leave for battle, but before he goes, he must reaffirm his love for his young fiancé Ayame. Vigorously. With lots of leaking. People could drown in this much fluid if they weren't careful. Anyway, it's just a dream. All college students have these sorts of nighttime fantasies. Or perhaps it's just Takakage and me.

When Takakage goes to get his fortune told at the school fair, he's told that he will fall in love with a girl in the near future. Soon enough, he does meet a girl and they hit it off. All is not well in the kingdom of rabid fan service though; for while visiting a local temple, Takakage meets another girl... She's the Ayame from his dreams! Is Takakage really somehow Genshiro reborn? How does Ayame exist in the present? To answer these burning questions, you'll have to sit through 60 minutes of pure spontaneous copulation. It seems all of the characters are fornication addicts. The first episode is merely a conglomeration of scenes 'thrust' upon each other with a 'loose' plot to 'bind' them together. Oh look, Takakage and that art student are getting it on. And then, that other dude and the teacher. Now it's that girl and... herself.

This is the Critical Mass "Vanilla" (excuse the terrible pun) edition of Campus, so as a relief, there's only one extra to be found. It's a slideshow of some of the more... Educational parts of the series. Also, there are Japanese and English tracks as well as subtitles. I don't see why you would opt for the English dubbing though; the Japanese track is so much higher pitched.

I'll be frank. I can't play this off as anything other than Hentai. The animation is low frame rate, the artwork is only average, and the sound... Well... I guess the sound effects are just as squishy as the activities that go onscreen. If you're a fan of these things though (you sick bastard), then I'm sure you'll get your fill of kicks from this 2-episode series. Campus DVD accomplishes what it sets out to do (every girl that makes an appearance). Don't expect this DVD in your Christmas stocking though, unless you've been very, very naughty.

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