animefringe january 2003 / briefing room
Ghibli Does GitS 2

Apparently there is a new Ghost in the Shell movie to be released spring 2004. Called INNOCENCE: Ghost in the Shell, it's being made by Production IG and also co-produced by none other than studio Ghibli.

Anime Wins Awards

The Anime News Network has information on the Japanese Cultural Awards for 2002. Crayon Shin-chan was awarded the grand prize, while Hoshi no Koe, the independent anime, won a special award.

New Lupin In June

The Anime News Network also reports that 72 year old Yasuo Otsuka, who was the animation director for the original Lupin television series, will publish a new Lupin manga in Japan's quarterly Lupin Magazine. This will be his first manga.

Bebop Pushed Back

The Cowboy Bebop Movie's American theatrical release has been pushed back to April, from January. It will open April 4th in New York and Los Angeles.

More Pokemon on the Way

AnimeNation has information that the fifth Pokemon movie Mizu no Miyako no Mamoigami, Ratiasu to Ratiosu will be released in American on May 16th, 2003.

Trigun on TV

Fan favorite Trigun will be aired on the American TV network Cartoon Network in 2003. Additionally, Trigun's creator, Yasuhiro Nightow has confirmed that the Trigun and Trigun Maximum manga will be released in English, though no American publisher or date has been confirmed.

Onimusha Movie in Development

AnimeNation reports that the Japanese company Gaga Communications and Resident Evil director Samuel Hadida are developing a movie based on Capcom's Onimusha series.

Metal Gear 3 at E3

Metal Gear Solid 3 will debut as the 2003 E3. Series creator Hideo Kojima has talked about taking the series online, but it is unknown if this game will take the series on the Net.

Final Fantasy Sampled

Nobou Uematsu has announced a new Final Fantasy CD, The Black Mages. According to Uematsu's official site, the CD is set to be released February 2003. A sample track is avaliable on Uematsu's site (http://www.playonline.com/uematsu/tbm/index.html).

Smilebit Schedules New Projects

Gameforms reports that Smilebit is working on a new project. The project is scheduled for August 2003 and for the PS2. Few details are known, but Smilebit is known for Jet Set Radio, Gunvalkryie, and Panzer Dragoon RPG. Jet Grind Radio is also being ported to the Game Boy Advance.