animefringe february 2003 / web showcase
Animefringe Web Showcase:
Deuxdei: Furikuri
Site By Alexa

"FLCL is one heck of an acid trip and Deuxdei: Furikuri effectively keeps with that basic mind-set. Right away it doesn't grab you as being the end all fansite, and rightfully so because it isn't (and that's a fact that they often throw back at you). However it does offer some interesting insights into a show that makes even less sense the more you watch it. The character analysis is a nice place to start as it helps point out some of those finer details that might've passed the viewer by when they were shifting in their seat. The shining gem on this site for me was finding the FLCL wallpapers. Of all the sections I wish was finished, it would have to be the 'OVA commentary' as the first commentary had me hooked and I want more."

"I love FLCL to itty bitty pieces. I love Haruhara Haruko to even itty-bittier pieces. The fact that this site exists on the vast world of the internet makes me happy. This site, although still being updated, houses a nice hoard of information about this series. Have I mentioned that I love FLCL? The image and wallpaper sections bring me joy. Although some may not like it, I'm fond of the design as well. I think the pink, simple, consistent design is a postive thing. I'd like to see this website completed... *bookmarks it* "

"This very...pink...site offers a ton of information on the series I've been waiting to see, FLCL. Aside from piles of media such as screen grabs, impressive original wallpaper, and sound samples, there's also a bunch of text that helps sort out this apparently madcap show. *sigh* I suppose it's something else I'll need to invest in, eventually. This site is certainly a good place to begin your search for info on GAINAX's series, however, so check it out!"

"An unconventional layout for an unconventional show, and luckily for me, the website is available in a resolution to my liking. Duexdei is not your average fansite, and thats a good thing! The most helpful page here is "series introduction" because for all those who have only seen/heard of FLCL, or even if you've seen a few episodes, it'll clear up some of the dozen issues you have with the show already. Still being updated, I'll wait for this sites 'character analysis' of Haruhara Haruko, the story's main catalyst. and the forthcoming 'Sex & Sexuality in Furikuri', and until those are up, I'll just peruse these darling screencaps and wallpapers. Remember all, to keep on flcl'ing."