animefringe march 2003 / briefing room
Cartoon Network's New Line-Up

Cartoon Network has announced that it has aquired the broadcast rights to Blue Gender and the series will see a run on the network sometime this year. Additionally, it has been confirmed that the SD Gundam scheduled to be broadcast on the Cartoon Network is not the 1993 SD Gundam series, but is a new Superior Defender Gundam animation. Other Gundam series announced (by Bandai) to be on Cartoon Network include the Gundam F-91 movie and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (with two edit versions; one for Toonami and one for the Adult Swimg programming block). Other series confirmed for broadcast this year include Kikaider, Trigun (March), and Rurouni Kenshin (March), while Dragonball GT is set for a Fall 2004 release.

Tenchi Gets Another Re-Release

Pioneer has announced that it will celebrate it's 10th anniversary by rereleasing one of the company's signature series, Tenchi Muyo. The orignal Tenchi Muyo OAV will be released on four DVD discs. Each DVD will also contain a collectible coin, featuring a Tenchi Muyo character. The discs are due for a March 18 relase.

3 Ghibli Films In April

Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Laputa: Castle on the Sky are all scheduled to be released on Region 1 DVD (American release) on April 17th (the 15th has also been mentioned). Details (includinge langauge tracks, transfer, extras, and the infamous "red tint" which plagued the Japanese release of Spirited Away) are unclear.

Ringu Comes to America

Universal Studio is releasing the original Japanese version of "The Ring" under the title Ringu in North America. The 1998 Japanese original, directed by Hideo Nakata, will see a March 4th U.S. release. The DVD will feature English subtitles and a new digital film transfer. It will cost $29.99.

SEGA Happy Meals

According to GameForms, SEGA has partnered with McDonald's for SEGA branded Happy Meal toys in North American over the summer. Few details have been released, but SEGA will use characters from Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Monkey Ball.

Live Action Lupin

Animenation and Yahoo Movies report that the producer of Schindler's List, Gerald R. Molen, has acquired the rights to create a live action Lupin the 3rd movie from creator Monkey Punch (Kazuhiki Kato). Kato demanded that all five of members of the Lupin cast appear in the film, but otherwise the American producers are free to do as they want.

A New Sonic Anime

A new Sonic the Hedgehodge anime is set to start broadcast in Japan on April 6th. Titled Sonic X, the series will be on TV Tokyo from 8:30 to 9 on Saturdays. More information can be found at the Sonic X site.

There Is No End to Eva

AnimeNation reports that Gainax has announced yet another Evangelion release, "Renewal of Evangelion". The latest release of the popular series, will consist of 10 DVD discs, with all 26 TV episodes and extended "Director's Cut" versions of episodes 21-24, along with new edits of the Death and Rebirth movies. The visuals will be remastered for the previously released material. The box set will also contain a bonus disc of textless openings and closings, trailers, and a "a never before released 'live action version of the film.'" The box set is marked for a June 25th for 39,000 yen. Individual discs from the set will also be released, in July.

March will see a 1500 yen sneak preview disc, containing a remastered version of the first episode and a music video for the opening, "Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze."

Pikmin 2 Shows Its Face

Nintendo has released screenshots for Pikmin 2. Based on the released shots, the major new addition to Nintendo's quirky cult hit seems to be a multiplayer mode. Several screens show two main characters; Olimar from the previous Pikmin title and a new astronaut. Some screens show the two together, while others show them each character on a split screen, leading to speculation that the game will have an online play mode.

Capcom's Latest Fighter Gets Cancelled

According to the Japanese Dorimaga, Capcom has announced the cancellation of it's Capcom Fighting All-Stars title for both the PlayStation2 and the arcade. The 3-D fighting game would have featured characters from Capcom's cannon of fighting games. Several screen shots of the new game had been released before the game's cancellation.

Anime Pit Stop Back Online

Major Internet Anime Link site, The Anime Pit Stop, is back online. An important and useful resource for the anime newbie and the long time fanboy/girl, the site is one of the Net's largest resources for links to anime sites around the Web.