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Mail Desk

Hello hello, everyone, and welcome back to our third monthly installment of the Mail Desk! I'm Holly, Animefringe content editor on the run, and I'm here to answer all of your deepest, darkest, most burning questions. However, this month I have a small clarification for you, kids. The Mail Desk exists for you to send in your questions about anything and everything, but NOT for thinly veiled attempts to get a plug for your website/product/mailing list posted on the site. Come on, guys, do you think I just randomly pick things for the page? Geez. And not one question about the discipline of sea monkeys or request for my world-famous banana-nut bread recipe, I'm so disappointed! ;)

Anyway, February was a short and busy month, so the amount letters I was able to reply to is rather small. If your letter didn't get in this month, look for it next month! If you want your question answered here, send it on over!

Submitting your message is easy -- just click here to access the Mail Desk Correspondence Page, where you can send a message directly to me for immediate glossing over, eventual careful reading and probable reply!

Dear Animefringe,

first of all, great e-zine! don't change a thing about that. however it would be helpful if you added a very short summary (or title) to your archived issues. thanks.

Dear dmondm,

Thanks so much for the compliments! As for the archives, we did have it formatted in such a way at one point. In cleaning up the format of our archives, we changed to a month/year titling format only. However, since you brought it up, we'll consider adding some kind of summary so that the archives are more easily browsable. See how writing in can get changes made? :D


Dear Animefringe,

hi, i happened upon your may 2002 review of the comic series "storm riders" and noticed a blatant error on the part of the writer. chinese comics are obviously not japanese, but they are manga nonetheless. the chinese (cantonese) term for a comic is "man wa" (and any literate chinese would recognize the kanji that is displayed on the manga entertainment logo), and that's where the term manga was derived from. in western culture, manga has become synonymous with japanese comics in particular, but the term manga does not refer to only japanese comics - all it means is a "comic."

Dear Comic Lover,

I understand your concern with this. However, I think what Pat meant in his review of Storm Riders by saying that it was not "manga" simply referred to the commonly accepted definition of the word, i.e., Japanese comic books. A staggering portion of fans in North America are not familiar with the intricacies of the Asian written and spoken languages, so for many people, calling a Chinese comic book a "manga" may have been somewhat confusing and disconcerting. However, thanks for pointing this out, and we'll look further into it and try to take it into consideration in the future. Thanks for writing in!


Dear Animefringe,

hello wonderful people of animefringe, (or should i say holly since your going to reply) i would just like to thank you guy for getting together oh so long ago and putting out a very solid source for anime info. my only issue is that you guys don't have the time to update more. i mean is college and "real" jobs that important? i think that if you took a few steps back and could see the good that you would be doing for the world if you published more often you'd really jump all over the chance. sure you might lose that job, fail out of college, but in the end the world would be a better place. think about it at least, a noble peace prize might come your way. ^_^

Dear Jason,

Well! *blush* Thanks for your kind words :)
When I got your letter, I thought about posing the question to some of the Animefringe staffers, but I didn't want to make their cute little heads explode, so I made some up for them.
Staffer: I love you Holly, but I'm not above killing you. At least some serious maiming.
Staffer: um... *hide*
Staffer: You will not defeat me! MY KUNG-FU IS STRONGEST!!!
Staffer: And you would be supplying the crank then?
Staffer: Uhhh.. These aren't the droids you're looking for, dude. (I know, it's really not funny, but I had to get a bad Star Wars reference in there somewhere.)
Staffer: COOL, that means I NEVER have to see my parents/siblings/friends/significant other/pets EVER AGAIN!

But then again... a Nobel peace prize might be cool. Just *think* of the havoc we could wreak at the awards ceremony! That would be great. :D
Glad you like the 'zine, Jason!


Dear Animefringe, Hi!

Do you know if there are any plans to animate another Seikai no Senki (Battleflag/Banner of the Stars) anime series? Thanks!

Dear Miagi,

When I asked Adam, Animefringe's go-to man for random information like this, his response was...
"Doubt it."
So that's not very encouraging :-/ Sorry, Miagi! Thanks for writing in. ^_^


Dear Animefringe,

Hi, i like your work. It's great, pls continue^_^. One question: can i easily download a single issue in one zip file?? I read all the pages and i want to enjoy it at home without looking at clock^_^. Sorry, if i missed something and this question was answered, or it is just a stupid question.

Dear Reader,

No, this isn't a stupid question at all! Unfortunately, since our site's layout is dynamically generated, it would be rather difficult for us to accomplish something like that at this time. However, we will keep your request in mind when we consider future features, okay? Thanks for your letter and your compliments!