animefringe april 2003 / briefing room
Texhnolyze's the Next Big Thing

According to AnimeNation the Madhouse (Cardcaptor Sakura, Wicked City) produced Texhnolyze will debut April 8. Texhnolyze sports some big name talent; it is written by Chikai J. Konaka (Serial Experiments Lain, The Big O), directed by Hamazaki Hirotsugu (Midnight Eye Goku) and sports character designs by yoshitoshi ABe (Serial Experiments Lain, NieA_7).

New Leji Universe Stuff On the Way

Leji Matsumoto will debut two new series this year. May 8 will see his Submarine Super 99 and a new Galaxy Express 999 will debut on Japanese TV this October.

Love Hina Gorgeous Makes the Scene

Konami is working on a new anime adventure game for PlayStation 2 called Love Hina Gorgeous. The game is based on the popular anime series. In the game, you play as Keitaro as he studies hard for an upcoming simulation exam. If you fail the exam you will be forced to relocate to Paris. There are a large number of action events during the 2 weeks of study, and failure to complete one of them will cause your roomates to attack you (just like the anime). Source: The Magic Box

Capcom's Latest Fighter Not Cancelled

According to Gameforms (and as reported by both Gameforms and Animefringe last month), Capcom's Fighting All-stars is still in development, despite reports to the contrary. No console version is in the works, but the game is being developed for the System 246 arcade board, making a PS2 port likely.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2003

Hard core anime fans in Japan were recently treated to a full course of brand new anime shows during the annual Tokyo International Anime Fair (also known as "TAF"). Unlike most large scale anime fair here in the United States, the recently concluded Internation Anime Fair in Tokyo was short, but well planned and stacked with high quality, brand new anime showings throughout the four days event.

Although the first two days weren't open to the general public (it was for business partners to get together for discussion on possible business proposals and news among the industry), the remaining two days were filled with new products demonstrations and the usual anime showings.

Several upcoming stars of the anime world were also given the chance to showcase their talents and creations at the fair, including Romanove Hika, one of the creators responsible for the anime sequences featured in PlayStation2 video game Gun Grave.

A few of the artists and titles being honored at the award ceremony that fans of the Western world may be familiar with are: Inu Yasha and Overman King Gainer as Outstanding TV series, the new Crayon Shin Chan Movie as Outstanding Movie, Sentou Yousei Yukikaze as Best OVA series and Lupin III - Ikiteita Majyutsushi as Outstanding OVA series. For the category of Best Overseas movie is Monsters Inc., Outstanding Overseas movie include Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Ice Age. Character designer / manga artist (of Sakura Taisen, Taihou Shichauzo!, and Ah! My Goddess) Fujishima Kosuke was also honored as the best character designer of 2003.

Exclusive showings include never-before-seen titles such as the Rahxephon movie (http://www.rahxephon.com/) which was set to release in theatres all across Japan on April 19th, plus series that had only been recently began their broadcast in Japan such as Wolf's Rain and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Several companies were also showcasing their upcoming releases including US based company ADFilms and "avex mode" from Japan among many others.

Updates are still being made to the official website which can be found at this location with both Japanese and English editions: http://www.taf.metro.tokyo.jp/index_ok.html