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.hack CCG in Production

Anime News Network reports that Decipher, Inc. is producing a trading card game based on the .hack anime and game series. Titled .hack//ENEMY, it is scheduled for a September release in the U.S.
Check the Decipher site for more information.

Love Hina Again Set for Release

Bandai has finally green lighted Love Hina Again for a September release. This final volume combines all three OVA episodes into a single release. The episodes presented are loosely based on the story arc involving the arrival of Keitaro's sister, Kanako. Also arriving in September from Bandai is the new Spirit of Wonder movie and a DVD collection of The Big O.

Possible Miyazaki Domestic Releases

Rumors are floating around that Disney is preparing Miyazaki's Porco Rosso (Kurenai no Buta) for a DVD release this winter. Ain't It Cool News is reporting Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind will also see an R1 DVD release this year. More information can be found at Nausicaa.net

Second Sakura Movie on the Way

Anime on DVD reports that Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2 has been licenced for American release on November 18th and features a new English dub cast.

Gundam Evolved

Sugoi! News reports that Sunrise is release a Gundam Evolve+ DVD that will feature five short stories centering around a different Gundam model.

River City Gets Ported

NES cult classic River City Ransom will be seeing life on the Game Boy Advance as River City Ransom EX. Atlus will be bringing the title out in November. More information is avaliable at Gameforms.

Nintendo Brings on the Colors

The U.S. will see new colors of the Game Boy Advance SP. The black and red versions of Nintendo's machine will be hitting U.S. shores on September 8th. Additionally, Japan will see a a special package deal, featuring Hideo Kojima new Botaki cartridge and a red and black Game Boy SP with a coffin shaped case. Information on the American colors and the Botaki special edition are at avaliable at Gameforms.

Cyborg 009 Confirmed

TOKYOPOP has confirmed that they will be releasing Osamu Tezuka's Cyborg 009 in September. More information can be found on TOKYOPOP's announcement page.

Did You Know...

Did you know there was a Game Boy SP sold every 6 seconds for the last 10 weeks?
Source: http://games.slashdot.org/games/03/06/09/1...tid=186&tid=207