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Mail Desk

Hey kids, it's Holly - your mild-mannered content editor by day, dancing queen by night! - Back again with another installment of the Mail Desk for your reading pleasure.

I'd like to give you... the Mail Desk FAQ v1.0

Q: When is (title of random series) coming out?
A: Look it up, ya lazy fanboy. ^_~ Check the licensing list on AnimeonDVD.com. Do a Google search. You can find that info just as easily as I can, I assure you. There is nothing secret or even MacGuyver-esque about it.

Q: I really like Animefringe. Can I link you on my site?
A: Sure! In fact, you're welcome to use some of our custom banners or buttons, located here: http://www.45degree.com/banners.html

Q: I have this thing! It's really cool! Have you heard about it? You should print this letter so I get free publicity!
A: Do I really look that stupid? Give me a break. It's been at LEAST a week since I fell off the back of the turnip truck.

Q: How do I get to be a writer for Animefringe?
A: Simple - write us an article. If it's good, we'll print it.

Q: Where can I find bootlegs of (insert title here)?
A: Sorry, I can't condone the usage of bootlegs. Try KaZaA or WinMX for preview purposes, but I will never recommend a site where you can find "Hong Kong bootlegs."

Q: Hey Holly, you're cool. How do I get to be a Ninja of Cool like you?
A: Years and years of practice, perseverance, and professional slacking. Mastery of tools like the t-shirt ninja mask and the cardboard-and-duct-tape shuriken. You know... things of that nature.

And now, some letters.

Dear Animefringe,

Why do some of the really cutest shows have to use all that fan service? Like Love Hina is really good but do they really need all that stuff??? It makes me sick and I can't watch anymore. Don't they know they are exploiting women??? Why do they have to feed that stereotype?????

Dear Disgruntled,

You know, I'm going to get personal here. Fan service really doesn't bother me. Okay, so I'm a little H anyway (okay so maybe more than a little H), but I honestly don't have any problem ignoring the occasional (or gratuitous) panty flash or physics-defying jiggle sessions. Cultural differences between audiences in Japan and audiences in North America can make it seem like the creators are "exploiting women" and "feeding the stereotype," but don't you think that men are exploited and stereotyped in anime as well? Take Kintaro Oe of Golden Boy fame, for example. He's stereotypical in that he's only attracted to girls who look like models, and all of his thoughts about them are inane, drooly, and perverted. Fitting characters into a stereotype, especially in a comedy show, is part of what makes them really interesting and/or funny. Naga the Serpent just wouldn't be the same without the prodigious bosom. Ping Pong Club wouldn't be funny if the guys weren't your average stereotypical high school losers. Stereotypes are important to characterization, especially in comedies, so... seriously. If fan service bothers you all that much, then you're missing out on the grand majority of comedic anime out there. Even such fan favorites as Tenchi Muyo and Fushigi Yuugi have their share of service. The great majority of anime is not for the prudish among us. My suggestion to you is either to ignore the service and lighten up a bit, or maybe spend your time watching kid's anime (even though quite a bit of that has it's share of service, as well.) Fan service is just something that comes along with the genre, and I think MOST of us like it. Either way, it's not going anywhere, so you're going to have to learn to deal with it in one way or another.


Dear Animefringe,

Anime is like crack. I can't break my addiction to it. Are there any self-help organizations out there?

Dear Fellow Otaku,

I feel your pain. My love for anime has made me poor and broke on more than one occasion. But let me ask you this... Do you really WANT to be cured? Hmmm?


Dear Animefringe,

My friend told me that boys in anime get nosebleeds when they get aroused because it's supposed to mean that they're virgins or something like that. Is that true?

Dear Cultural Questioner

As far as I am personally aware, yes. However, I could be wrong. Even the Ninja of Cool can admit defeat sometimes.


Okay, I think that's enough of me this month... Remember, keep sending in those letters, and don't forget to come on down to our discussion board! *points to the link on the sidebar*

Seeya soon...