animefringe august 2003 / briefing room
TOKYOPOP Bets it All on the Frog
TOKYOPOP has acquired several new manga and comic titles for release in the U.S. Among them are the comedy Sgt. Frog: Keroro Gunsou, the tale of invading alien forces led by a frog, Ghost!, by Shuri Shiozu, which chronicles the exploits of a lonely high school student who doubles as medium for female ghosts, and the fan favorite Ai Yori Aoshi, by Kou Fumizuki. TOKYOPOP has also acquired the rights to Macross 7 Trash, a side story to the popular mech anime Macross 7. Non-manga comics include Faeries' Landing, Snow Drop, Kill Me Kiss Me, and Les Bijoux.

Del Ray Hits it Big
In more manga news, manga newcomer Del Rey announced at ComicCon that they have acquired Ken Akamatsu's latest series Magister Negi Magi and the manga adaption of Gundam SEED for U.S. distrobution.

ADV Does Manga
AD Vision has announced the creation of a new manga branch to the company. Dubbed ADV Manga, the company already has a number of titles shared by its anime counterpart, including Full Metal Panic!, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Steel Angel Kurumi, Azumanga Daioh, Najica and RahXephon BIBLE.

CPM Let's Fans Go for a Test Drive
Central Park Media has announced a new "Test Drive" promotion in which fans can try new series by buying $7.99 DVDs (which are packed with a $10 mail-in coupon). Those interested in purchasing the rest of a series can then buy it at a new discounted price. The DVDs will be bilingual in Japanese and English, come with two epsidoes of each series, and be packaged in a a clear THINpakä case. Titles scheduled to be released in the Test Drive promo include Legend of Himiko, Maze TV Series, Now and Then, Here and There, Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The TV Series, Ping Pong Club, and Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight.

Angelic Layer Gets Boxed
ADV Films has picked up the rights to the fan favorite Angelic Layer series. The series, produced by CLAMP (of Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits fame) and animated by BONES (known for RahXephon and Wolf's Rain will be released in two versions on October 14, 2003. One version will be a barebones, DVD only release, while the collector's edition will include a free t-shirt offer and a DVD box set, in addition to the DVD.

Super Milk Gets Date Stamped
AD Vision has announced the release date for Super Milk-chan. The quirky Japanese series is laden with pop culture references and the title character, Super Milk-chan, is the mascot of Japan's all music Space Shower TV station. The first DVD is set for an October 14th release. More information is avaliable at Anime on DVD.

More Gundam Seed in the Works
According to reports from Comic-con, during a panel Sunrise director Matusmoto Satoru stated that Gundam SEED 2 is set for an Ocotober 2004 release in Japan. More information can be found at Anime on DVD.

Xenosaga Gets a Second Chapter
The latest issue of Famitsu, the Japanese gaming bible, has several pages of information on Xenosaga Episode II. Subtitled Jenseits von Gut und Bose ("Beyond Good and Evil") the latest game in the series is moving towards a realstic look. Famitsu also mentioned a remake of the original Xenosaga, Xenosaga Reloaded. More information is avaliable at Gameforms.

Xenosaga Gets Animated
Monolith Software has mentioned that a Xenosaga anime series, based on the Playstation 2 RPG, is in the works. No further details have been released but, according to the article, more information will be avaliable in the near future. This news and more information on Xenosaga 2 is avaliable at Gamespot.

Naruto Gets a Fighter
The company behind the .Hack RPGs, Cyberconnect2, has annoucned a fighting game based on the Naruto licence. Entitled Narutimet Hero, the game will be released in October. More information is avaliable at The Magic Box.