animefringe august 2003 / mail desk
Mail Desk

This month, the Mail Desk is on hiatus. This is mostly due to the fact that Holly, Animefringe's "Ninja of Cool" content editor, is on vacation. In fact, right this very moment, she could be sitting on a beach in Mexico, sipping daquiris and laughing maniacally at... well, nothing really, she likes to just laugh maniacally for no good reason at all sometimes.

The Animefringe squadron of wild horses has already set out on it's journey to drag her back from her extended vacation, but due to airport delays in Cleveland and a high-speed helicopter chase gone horribly wrong, we were... unable to retrieve her in a timely manner.

Anyway, Holly sends her love and absolutely refuses to bring back a single souvenir for any of you. However, she has asked us to tell you the following:

Hi, kids...

I hope you all enjoy the last few glorious weeks of summer, as many of you are young'uns that will be returning to school in due course (SUCKERS!). See you all again in the nascent days of autumn, my lovelies! Even the Ninja of Cool needs a vacation. Seriously. Don't try to find me. And NO COPS. DO YOU HEAR ME!?! NO COPS!!!

All my love,