animefringe august 2003 / reviews

Bride of Deimos Vol.2
Format: right-left manga
Production: ComicsOne / Etsuko Ikeda / Yuho Ashibe
Comments: All the same old decent thing.
Animefringe Reviews:
Bride of Deimos Vol.2

It's a brand new day in Minako's world, yet everything around her is still falling to pieces. Her pushy demon suitor is still parading around pretending to be her demon sugar daddy, and thanks to his interference, Minako is constantly being followed, seduced and haunted by ghosts; her adventures becoming darker and darker.

In the second volume of Bride of Deimos we begin to see more direct involvement by Deimos into the affairs of the beauteous Minako. His meddling in this volume is increasingly more vicious to those whom happen to fall into her path, or earn her friendship. Realizing that in her optimistic state Minako still retains faith in God and good, he devises more schemes to convince her otherwise.

The stories in Bride of Deimos Vol. 2 continue with the style of its original volume, each being basically unrelated tales of horror and fear. The drawback of this volume, however, seems to be the lack of actual plot development. At the end of Volume 1, we had developed an idea of why Deimos has become the cruel beast that he is, we learned more about the events that changed him into a demon, we became a little more sympathetic. Yet in this volume, there is no direct plot continuation.

The volume doesn't lack of character development, interestingly enough, as the main characters (Deimos and Minako respectively) both seem to be changing. Deimos himself is becoming crueler while Minako becomes more detached, but their actual relationship hasn't changed. Also unlike its predecessor, the chapter being promoted on the back of the manga is actually one of the weaker ones in the volume.

The focus of the manga has changed more from Deimos doing horrible things to Minako, or causing strife in her life, to Deimos just being wicked in general. Whether it's to Minako, or to fairytale heroine Thumbelina (a humourous chapter midway through the volume) Deimos is continuously twisting people's wishes into unhappy realities to amuse himself.

Even though there was little to do with the main plot of the series in this volume, there were a few stories that were particularly chilling. A particular favorite of mine was 'The Whispers of the Bell,' where Minako finds herself faint and as she is awakened she is no longer herself, as a ghost has taken over control of her body to serve some sweet justice to her killer. The imagery in this chapter especially was quite accurate and powerful as it displayed the character's emotions better than any other chapter of the manga. It is definitely the best of the bunch, as it was better written, more thought-out and visually superior to the others.

Despite the considerable lack of plot development, I gave this volume the benefit of the doubt. Despite the disappointment I felt after realizing I would get no farther into the thick of things, I found myself enjoying the chapters regardless. It's a filler volume, but a horror manga junkie should find something of interest in this sort of thing.