animefringe august 2003 / web showcase
Animefringe's Web Showcase:
Miss Dynamite Online Manga

Greetings, friends. Steve here, relieving Danielle of her showcase duties this month because she's got more important things to do. HMPH! Just kidding, Danielle -- I still wuv you!

Anyway, this month we're gonna have a look at an online manga with a lot of gratuitous sexual content and disturbing humor! I can hardly contain myself!

First impression...
Better known as Miss Dynamite herself, Catharina Eva Sirkowski is a soldier of fortune / mercenary / freelance terrorist. She comes fully equipped with everything from cigarettes to advanced weaponry to a comic-relief sidekick called Blackie. The Miss Dynamite website is the portal from which we keep abreast of their ongoing adventures and experiences in everything from Israeli-Palestinian conflict to pot brownies to choosing the best batteries for your vibrator. Yes indeedy -- Miss D. has it all.

Let's get down to business...
Before mentioning anything else, I'd like to get the negative points out of the way first. The layout of this site appears to be non-existent. Learning how the site is structured and how to get around takes some time. I usually think that a site can benefit greatly from a well thought-out design and I hope to see one put in place for a very deserving web comic soon! Nonetheless, there is plenty of great content to discover: guest artists, a busy message board and even a hot new Miss Dynamite print edition you can order for yourself. With all the different pages and sections, making and implementing a new layout would be quite a task in itself. The comic strip itself, though apprently updated almost every day, is but a small part of the whole.

In the end...
At that great web comic price of $0.00, Miss Dynamite packs a lot of fun and shamelessness into just one website. For those of you who love to keep up with other manga and comics online, here's one that's definitely worth adding to the list. I myself don't follow web comics too often -- but it's always a treat to see what kind of trouble Eva and Blackie are up to their eyebrows in once in a while.

Think you know a website that deserves some publicity? Read on.
This is a shout-out for anybody who believes they know a site that deserves to be the next Animefringe Web Showcase. If you think you know, or have a website that could be the next one, email Danielle and include the website's name and url. Who knows? Maybe it'll be next months feature site.