animefringe september 2003 / briefing room
Dragonball GT U.S. Airdate
Dragonball GT, the final series in the Dragonball trilogy is set to air on the Cartoon Network October 3rd, at 6:30 EST. More information is available the Anime News Network.

Live Action Sailor Moon Cast
The cast has been set for the live action Sailor Moon series, titled Pretty Guardian Sailormoon. The series is set to debut on Japanese TV October 14th. Pictures of the actresses set to play the superheroes are available on the official site and a picture of the cast in costume is accessible at the Nikkan Sports Newspaper.

Milk-chan on Hold
The American release of OH! Super Milk-chan, featured in this month's issue, has been postponed. ADV, the company with the American rights to the series originally scheduled the release for October 14th. A new date has not been announced. An ADV press release on the matter is available at Anime on DVD.

Two Big Titles for TOKYOPOP
The latest in a string of major acquisitions for American manga distributor TOKYOPOP are two titles by Yukiru Sugisaki, Candidate for Goddess (released in animated form as Pilot Candidate in the U.S.) and DNAngel. Thanks to The Anime News Network for that information.
Also news out of the Big Apple Anime Fest is that TOKYOPOP also has the manga for Crest of the Stars, Comic Party, and the CLAMP titles Tokyo Babylon and RG Veda.

ADV Announces Cyber Team, Toys, and Manga
Some of the highlights of Otakon this year include ADV announcing that they have the rights to Akihabara Cyber Team. ADV also announced that Azumanga Daioh and Angelic Layer will be the first two series that will see merchandising in the U.S. from their ADV Toys line. ADV Toys will simply repackage anime merchandise from Japan for the American market. According to The Anime News Network ADV's manga arm has given Full Metal Panic! a release date of September 9th and Azumanga is scheduled for September 16th.

Kenshin Gets Boxed
Media Blasters took the opportunity at Otakon to announce the release of a Rurouni Kenshin box set. The box set will contain bonus features not released with the individual DVDs. Media Blasters will also sell the boxes separately.

Otakon Features a Veritable Flurry of Announcements
A number of major anime companies used Otakon to announce their latest acquisitions, releases, and postponements. A full run down of the major news at Otakon can be viewed at Anime Nation and The Anime News Network.

Gundams land at Otakon
Bandai announced at Otakon that they have the rights to the American release of Gundam SEED and are looking for a 2004 release of the series. The Superior Defender Gundam series will be a "full digital rendered Super Deformed Gundam series for younger viewers." It will be the first Gundam series released in the U.S. before Japan (where it will be known as SD Gundam Force). Commercials have already begun running for Superior Defender on the Cartoon Network.

The Blind Samurai Returns
Takeshi Kitano's version of Zatoichi is set to be released September 6th. "Beat" Takeshi both stars in and directs the film, which is the latest in the long line of Zatoichi movies. Trailers, in Quick Time and WMP, format are available on Takeshi's web site.

Gamecube Heads Below $100
Game Partisan is reporting that Nintendo has dropped the price of its Gamecube console to $99, in order to stimulate sales. More information is available on the Game Partisan site.

Hell Freezes Over
The anime inspired demon strategy RPG, Disgea: Hour of Darkness has been released by Atlus, USA. In an all too rare move, the highly anticipated RPG features both English and Japanese audio. More information and game trailers are accessible on Atlus' US homepage.

Captain Falcon, Racer, Bounty Hunter...Anime Star?
Set to premiere in Japan this October is F-Zero: Legend of Falcon an anime title following the exploits of Nintendo's F-Zero racer and Smash Bros brawler, Captain Falcon. The show will be animated, but feature CG race scenes. More information on the series is available at Gameforms.

All-Stars Cancelled...Again.

Capcom has announced that their 3-D fighting title, Capcom Fighting All-Stars has been cancelled. This is the second time the title has been declared dead, but signs indicate that this time its permanent. More details are available at The Magic Box.

Front Mission Returns
The Next Missions

Square Enix has announced two new titles in its popular mech tactical RPG series, Front Mission. The newest title, Front Mission 4 will include an online component while the second title will be a PSone remake of the original Front Mission. More information can be found at Games Are Fun.

Initial D Races to American PS2s
TOKYOPOP is in negotiations to bring the PS2 racing game Initial D: Special Stage, based on the Initial D license, over to the U.S. This news comes from GMR Magazine an publication made by Electronics Boutique. More information is avaliable on Animenation.

An extra dose of Gungrave
SEGA has announced Gungrave O.D. for the PS2. Like its predecessor, O.D. will feature character designs by Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of Trigun. O.D. will also allow interaction with objects in the background and improved combos. More information and screenshots are available at The Magic Box. Additionally, AnimeNation is reporting that a Gungrave anime series is due on Japanese TV October 6th.

Funky Kong Kong Revolution
Nintendo has announced a new Wario Ware title for October, a new Legend of Zelda for 2004, and a Donkey Kong game being codeveloped with Namco. Donkey Konga has been reported to be a music game, which will feature a drum like accessory, along the lines of SEGA's Samba de Amigo. More information can be found at
The Magic Box.

Evangelion 2...Kinda...
GAINAX has announced the November release of Shin Seiki Evangelion 2. However the project is not an anime sequel to the popular 1995 series. Instead, it is a Playstation 2 game, designed by Alfa Studios. The project will be supervised by Hideaki Anno. More information is available at AnimeNation.