animefringe september 2003 / mail desk
Mail Desk

Hey there, all you cats and kittens, this is your Content Editor, Ninja of Cool, and local jivemaster Holly, back from vacation, ready to pry all your burning questions from your eager fingertips. ...No seriously, give them to me. No... Just.. GAH! GIVE THEM! BWAAAR! *THUD!*

....*gets up and dusts self off* Uh.. yes. Where was I? Right. A fist, a hand, hoocha hoocha hoocha, LOBSTER!

So! I'm back, all nice and refreshed (not liquored up, as some of my coworkers may tell you, I swear!) and ready to take on everything you guys have seen fit to throw at me. COME ON! I can take it. Your letters are no match for me. MY KUNG-FU IS STRONGEST! ...Bring it on.

Submitting your message is easy -- just click here to access the Mail Desk Correspondence Page, where you can send a message directly to me for immediate glossing over, eventual careful reading and probable reply!

Dear "Ninja of Cool" Holly,

In response to one of your letters in the most recent Mail Desk, I believe that male characters get nosebleeds in anime when they're aroused as their blood pressure rises. I really don't see how the actual nosebleed could have anything to do with their virginity, although their over-the-top arousal towards the female character might.

Feel free to make my nose bleed any day,


Dear Skye,

Thanks for setting me straight. And... wow, I like you already. Can I keep you? Just for a little while? I promise to be good... ^_~

--A very flattered Holly
P.S. ...Unless you are underage, my dear Skye, in which case, Hi hello nice to meet you you're a very nice young man but I don't see you that way sorry bye. *feels very old over having to add this disclaimer*


Dear Animefringe,

Did you guys see this a while back in the Sunday comics? DDR IS GOING MAINSTREAM!


Dear fellow DDR Freak,

...WT! That rocks! I wish I could get my mom to play DDR. Maybe then she'd loosen up a bit. Chee..


Dear Animefringe,

first u got a great site going on now i am looking thru ur issues and i wonder if u have a place were i could search by word or phrase thru ur issues to look if u done any reveiws on any of my favorite anime like i type in inuyasha and all the reveiws of inuyasha will come up

Dear Seeker,

This is something that we're aware that we're lacking, and we're looking to possibly implement it with our new 2004 layout. Keep an eye out for it!


Dear Animefringe,

I've loved anime for a long as I've known it has existed. I've always loved talking about it and eveything. So what I'm wondering is that if I wrote up an article or a review would you possibly consider publishing it? I know that this is a shot in the dark but I hope that you would consider it. I would very much like to be apart of Animefringe as a possible writer or reviewer. If you would need a writing sample I would be more then happy to oblige. Or if there is a certain process that I would need to go about to becoming a writer for Animefringe, the please inform me on it, thank you. And if any reason you aren't in need of writers I can understand, believe me when I say that the last thing that I would want to do is disrupt the system that you have going on here. Congratulations on creating a fine site, and keep up the good work!


Dear Matheus,

Firstly, thanks for your letter! In fact, we are currently looking for new writers to add to our pool of talent (since people are going back to school and stuff, time is understandably limited). As for the process, being that I am the editor, I would be the one that you talk to. Feel free to email me a short writing sample (doesn't have to be anything fancy) and some contact information (messenger IDs and that sort of thing) and we can go from there. We are looking to add to our permanent staff, but we also accept single contributions as well, so if you want to write but aren't interested in joining us permanently, email me and I can give you details on that as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, and any other aspiring writers out there!


Dear Animefringe,


I was collecting the graphic novel Redmoon by Mina Hwang a Korean comic artist when the English versions of the novels by Comicsone was discontinued. I contacted the marketing director who stated the series wasn't profitable enough to continue. The series is 18 volumes long and Comicsone translated 6 of the volumes. I want to know if you know of any other company, internationally, translating the volumes to English. I would really like to get the remaining 12 volumes of the series.

Thanks, Michelle

Dear Michelle,

In my cursory look into this, I wasn't able to find any easy solution for you. One is to get them in their original language and then look up translations online, but that's not favorable. The only other thing I can think of is that perhaps you can put together a petition of fellow Redmoon fans and present that to Comicsone. If there is enough demand, companies like that can reevaluate their previous decisions. However, that is a long shot as well. My apologies, Michelle. Perhaps someone will pick it up and release the rest of it, but as of now, your options are limited. I'm sorry I don't have better news.


Dear Animefringe,

I was wondering if you guys had ever considered implementing a search option on the home page. It would make it a lot easier to find old articles and reviews of certain anime or subjects.

Dear Seeker #2,

I know... We're working on it. ^_^;;; Thanks for your patience, and again, keep an eye out for it!


Dear Holly,

Will you take it off?

Love, Ridwan

Dear Ridwan,

All the way down to my saucy Najica panties for you, baby. ^_~

Kisses, --Holly

Dear Animefringe,

I read ur site each month and I like crosswords. You guys have word searchs, but why not crosswords?

Dear Crossword Fan,

One of Adam's many hobbies is making word searches...even if it takes him forever to work one of his own puzzles. When I showed him your letter, he said he's thought about branching out, but honestly doesn't enjoy doing crosswords as much has he does word searches. Well, that, and word searches are also easier to code.


Dear Holly,

Did you have a nice vacation? I know laughing maniacally always helps me have a good vacation.

Signed, Tony

Dear Tony,

Yes, I did in fact have a LOVELY vacation. The helicopter chase with the horses was an absolute laugh riot. Thanks for asking! ...But you're STILL not getting any souvenirs. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!