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Mail Desk

Hello again, my tasty little morsels, and welcome to the October edition of the Mail Desk! This is your captain speaking, AKA Holly "Ninja of Cool" Kolodziejczak (Animefringe content editor and basket weaver extrordinaire), back yet again to answer to your every beck and call like the insane masochist I am.

Before I get started on this month's letters, I'd like to let the sensation of ABSOLUTE POWAH over this little slice of Animefringe go to my head (yeah, like that's something new...) and throw in my $.02 on a subject I think is very important and poignant for this season.


Now guys, I know Halloween is rapidly approaching and you want to show off your mad cosplay skillz, but please - if you're going to cosplay (or drink,) please do it responsibly. No one really wants to see a 6'4" 300lb 40-yr-old man with a big grizzly beard dressed up as Chii, now do we?

...Well, on second thought, I guess that could be pretty amusing.

Anyway, you get my point - keep in mind that your cosplaying doesn't just reflect on you - it reflects on all your friends and family, your kindergarten teacher, and the entire anime fandom community as well. So please, Gramps, before you put on that Card Captor Sakura costume, at least get a shave and a haircut. However, I highly encourage more parents to dress their children up as Evas. Get all that desire to be a giant mech out of their systems young, you know? Not to mention, the mask'll probably shut 'em up for a while, right? And for the love of GOD, please don't let anyone under the legal age of consent cosplay Faye Valentine. Right, let your 15-yr-old dress up as a futuristic sex symbol and then truck them off to an ANIME CONVENTION full of DROOLING FANBOYS. What are you, ASKING for trouble? Jeez. And please, guys, if you're going to put on sailor fuku - at least shave your legs, huh?

And for crying out loud, I wanna see more All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku cosplayers. WITH the ears. Come on, people, show me some Nuku Nuku love.

Anyway, enough ranting - ONWARD to the letters!

Submitting your message is easy -- just click here to access the Mail Desk Correspondence Page, where you can send a message directly to me for immediate glossing over, eventual careful reading and probable reply!

Hi Holly,

I doubt that Iím bring this to your attention, being that youíre all knowing. There is an anime that Iíve stumbled across called Wonderful Days. Itís a Korean flick that seems to have rather great promise. I downloaded the trailer, and well wow. Itís @#^$*%! beautiful, and the music is top rate too. Do you know if this has been picked up by anyone to bring it over to the states? Hereís the site.


Oh, one other thing. Do you have a search option on your site??? Just playing, I know you guy get that one all the time.

Wishing to be like the Ninja of Cool,


Dear Jason,

It's true that my knowledge reaches far and wide, but onmiscient I am not. Wonderful Days is completely new to me. However, I did have a look at the trailers and it looks interesting - I did kind of get a bad vibe from the mix of computer and traditional animation that gave me horrible Nazca flashbacks that left me shuddering and on the verge of being violently ill in the corner of my living room. ^_^ But that's just me, and some of the animation was really nice, so I suppose we'll see when it comes out. As far as I can find, it hasn't been licensed yet, but have a look at the licensing list over at AnimeOnDVD to find out for sure.

As for the joke about the search option, *RASPBERRY!* and as for wishing to be like the Ninja of Cool - well, it's kind of like Highlander. There can be only one. And, sorry to tell you, but my kung-fu is still strongest. That's jut the breaks, kid. Perhaps you could try for being the Ninja of Rad? Just a thought. =^-^=


Dear Animefringe,

First of all, I'd like to say that you guys have the best anime fanzine on the net. I've been reading it for a few years. The first of the month has become a holy day for me *bows to the greatness of Animefringe.*

I was wondering if, perhaps, Animefringe could do a feature on the anime 'Ojamajo Doremi,' a series that I'd consider to be a direct successor to Sailormoon. If there was ever an anime that was underrated in the English-language fandom, it's Doremi. This is a series that was constantly in the Top 10 list of most-watched anime in Japan, not to mention exceeding popular in Europe and Mexico. Yet I only know of a few fans in North America.

If you decide to do a feature on Ojamajo Doremi, the best site to get your info from would be MagicalDoremi.net (http://www.magicaldoremi.net) On the right column there's a drop- down box that allows you to view the site in English. Could you also link to the Ojamajo Doremi Licencing Campaign HQ that I've set up at my site? (http://www.geocities.com/ojamajo_limepie)



Dear LimePie,

Ehehehe. ^_^;; Now I feel really bad because we're late with our issue this month. I hope I haven't spoiled your holy day. If I have, I shall now be forced to weep bitterly in the depths of my otaku soul for all eternity. :(

Doremi is on our radar, but there haven't been a lot of rumblings about it lately, so no one has taken up the idea. I'll pass this suggestion along to our writers, or - you know - you could always write up the feature yourself and submit it to us for publication as well. :) Whatever works, baby, whatever works. Just because something is highly underrated doesn't mean it's not a diamond we should allow to shine. Thanks for your suggestion! ^_^


Dear Holly-sensei,

I just want to know if i can have a manga that has both shonen and shojo material in it. Is that possible? When I read my monthly Shonen Jumps,I notice that some of the Yu Yu Hakasho scenes revert back to pictures of a shojo nature. Just curious before I start my manga(s).

Thank you for your time oh honorable ninja of cool. p.s.: I already have all my characters set out too, complete with bios.

-zachyre vb; formally known as jason uremeshi
(stands up and bows to computer screen)

Dear Zachyre, AKA The Artist Formerly Known as Jason Uremeshi,

Hehehe *blush* he called me Holly-sensei! Wai wai~~!
Well, to put it simply, I don't see why not. No reason why you can't have components of both. Plus, if you're writing a manga - it's yours, right? Do something groundbreaking and new, if you want! Spread your wings and FLY in the face of tradition! MWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!


I was laughing maniacally again, wasn't I.

Right, so anyway, I don't think it's a big issue. Good work with the bios! You keep chasin' that dream, kiddo. ^_^

Respectfully returning the bow in the general direction of her monitor,

--Holly "Ninja of Cool" -sensei. :D

You know, I think I've babbled enough for one month. Besides, I think I need to burp my tupperware. At any rate, keep those letters rolling in - the more zany and off the wall they are, the more likely I am to publish them with an equally zany and off the wall response! Bring it. Come on, guys, you're making this way too easy.