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Hey, guys and gals, this is Holly, your friendly Animefringe editor and Ninja of Cool, back for another month of answering your every inquiry. I've been about town a lot this past month, guest-hosting the Week in Review radio segment on Galaxy Anime the second to last week of October, and continuing to keep everyone playing nice in the Animefringe Forum - and I highly encourage any of you who haven't stopped by and said hello yet to do so!

Also, nobody sent me any good cosplay pics yet.. I'm very disappointed. Then again, I know Halloween is tonight (as of this writing,) so perhaps I'm expecting a little too much too soon. If any of you readers out there did some cosplaying for Halloween, feel free to send your pics in to me (since I was sick and didn't get to dress up and go out - so sad...) and if there are any really good ones, I might post them in the December issue - no promises, though. ^_~

Other than that, though, my most exciting endeavor was, as I mentioned before, spending a week sick at home. I know a lot of the Animefringe staff was in the same boat, so I know you kids at home can't have it much better. But - don't let this amazing opportunity to catch up on the anime and manga that's fallen by the wayside pass you by! I spent the week catching up on my Chobits manga and rewatching Shamanic Princess and Escaflowne, not to mention the hours of fun spent playing with my Sailor Moon action figures and alphabetizing my Inuyasha trading card collection. So when you're sitting at home sick for the third or fourth day in a row, you've already read the current issues of Animefringe and Newtype six or seven times, and you can't possibly sleep any more, pull out some of your anime goodies you've been neglecting for a while and give them some attention - it might just put a smile on your face. Try to turn the other way when you sneeze, though. Sailor Neptune needs that shower a lot less than you probably do. ^_~

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Dear Animefringe,

I was wondering why Scotland does not get Dragonball comics any more?

Dear Scottish Dragonball fan,

The most common reason that a title will stop being distributed in a given locality is that the demand for it is simply too low; if it's not making any money on something, a publisher will stop putting it out or shops will stop stocking it and stock something that sells a little better instead. Have you tried looking for them online?


Dear Holly-sensei,

I thank you. I thank you for inspiring me evermore.


Dear Zachyre-san,

Anytime! ^_____^


Ninja of Cool Holly I greet you, as now Ninja of Rad Jason. ^_^

It sounded so good that I just have to use it. Your more than right when you talk about Nazca, the CG was more than anyone should have taken in an anime. I also got those feelings with Wonderful Days, however I think that they did a better job of blending the two.... if that's possible.... I don't know I guess for some reason I'm just rather partial towards the anime, it just seems to grab me. That's just the beauty of anime, something for everyone and all that. Thanks for looking up what you could about Wonderful Days, plus now I have a cool ass nickname... hehe

Ninja of Rad (bows to Ninja of Cool)

P.S. My kung-fu kinda strong, give me a chance... lol

Dear Ninja of Rad Jason,

Nice to see you back again. ^_^ As for the CG in Nazca... It wasn't that there was too much, it's just that it stylistically clashed with the analog animation. They could have taken measures to make it match a little better, but they didn't - and the visual effect was rather jarring. Maybe Wonderful Days *will* be better, but I guess we won't know until we see it, right? ^_^ Oh.. and I'm glad you enjoy your cool-ass nickname (except, in all fairness - it's rad, not cool. Mine is cool. ^_~)

With kung-fu still just a little stronger than yours, Grasshoppah,

^_^ --Holly

Dear Animefringe,

I wonder if you might be able to help me out here, I was following 'Redmoon' by Mina Hwang and managed to obtain vol 6 yesterday but was severally annoyed when that's were the trail went cold, just as things were really getting established in the series and tha main action building nicely Forbidden Planet informs me that that's all there is!!!

Rubbish! The series isn't even half through from what I can see but no matter how hard I search all I find is Vol 1- 6.

Please, can you help me? Am I not looking in the right places or has the series changed now or what? Any light you/anyone can throw on this would be more than welcome.


Dear Jen,

I'm sad to hear about this... Apparently, this series was more popular than ComicsOne thought! I answered a similar letter from Michelle in the September issue's Mail Desk - but the gist of it is that ComicsOne discontinued the English translation because they deemed the series "not profitable enough to continue." There are 18 volumes to the series, but only the first 6 have been translated into English. My suggestion to you is the same that I gave Michelle... perhaps you can start up some kind of petition to show ComicsOne that fans of the series want to see it through to completion? Let me know how it goes...


Dear Animefringe,

I absolutely love this site. It's so uber-spiffy (especially the part on Gravitation a couple months ago...*drools*). I come in time to read each new issue a couple times, and I'm really impressed at everything you guys do for anime fans who blow all their money on manga and Excel Saga DVDs, and thus don't have enough left to subscribe to printed magazines. ^_^;;

Anyways, I was wondering if you have any information on Puni Puni Poemii, an OVA spinoff of Excel Saga. It's directed by Watanabe Shinichi, and I heard it was supposedly planned out in the U.S. sometime next year. Have you heard anything about it? Arigatou ne~!


Dear Lemonly,

Glad you like our little magazine! ^_^ As for Puni Puni Poemi, I'm in the same boat as you waiting for it to come out - it's a short but extremely zany two-episode spinoff of Excel Saga, as you mentioned, and I absolutely love it. It's been licensed by ADV, and the rumblings I've heard is that we're looking at an early 2004 release, but beyond that I don't know anything concrete. But believe you me, I can't wait to get my hot little hands on it either. For those not in the know about Puni Puni Poemi, check out Animefringe staffer En Hong's feature on the series from last summer.

^_^ --Holly

Dear Animefringe,

Is it just me or is there more and more people who watch one or two anime shows and never see a different one? I'll go to a book store or the mall and people will look at my anime shirt (usally trigun or cowboy bebop) and say thats the best show ever. I'll then ask them what other kinds of anime they watch and they'll ask whats anime. I think its really odd and wierd.

On another point, i think its awesome that the "ninja of cool" is a anime fangirl. I've met more and more of them in the last year or so and am glad to see more people supporting anime.

Finally, in the last year, i've noticed many stores have either added or expanded there anime sections. Best buy has gone from 1 small vertical section to 5 of them. Barns and Noble has expanded there section of manga to an entire section compared to when they only had half a section a few months ago. Is this a nation wide thing or only local?

All of this random anime stuff ponders my intrest, hopefully you can give me the info i desire. (is this as wierd as i think it sounds)

Please answer Holly sensai aka Ninja of cool


Dear Nick,

Well, you've raised a lot of points here, so I'll address them paragraph-by-paragraph.

It's true. A lot of people only watch one or two anime shows and considers themselves to be experts. We call those people "posers." Say it with me kids - "posers." ^_^ I've seen enough anime to kill a small herd of yak (if administered in concentrated form - Kodomo no Omocha's insanity experienced all at once could kill a big one, for sure) and I'm still not an expert by any means. ....But don't get me wrong, I'm still the Ninja of Cool. ^_____^

Oh, honey, I'm not just a fangirl. I'm a fangirl deluxe. Hella fangirl. I have been for several years. Many people see the terms "fangirl" and "fanboy" as insulting, but I really don't care - I'm a girl, I'm a fan, hence... fangirl. Roxx0r. Geek girls do exist out there, guys, and we've been here all along - as long as you don't care that we'll never have boobs like Naga the Serpent and we don't normally react to things like girls in hentai games, then it's alllll good. ^_^

It's true... Anime sections are growing dramatically. Yesterday I went to my local Borders bookstore to find the normal three shelves of manga ... missing, and the role-playing game books along with them. I asked a nearby clerk, and he said that the sections for both manga and gaming had gotten sooooo big that they had to move them to another section of the store. Shelves upon shelves upon shelves of manga bliss. I nearly wet my pants. ....Okay, not really, but you get the idea.

Does that fulfill your quest for information? :D

--Holly-"sensei" (I'm getting that a lot lately. ...COOL! ^______^)

Well, that's it for November - Keep those letters coming in and tune in next month.. same Ninja time, same Ninja channel!