animefringe december 2003 / briefing room
VIZ Brings the Saikano

According to Anime on DVD, fan favorite title Saishu Heiki Kanojo, also known as SaiKano and She, The Ultimate Weapon, will be released in both anime and manga forms in April 2004 by VIZ, LLC.

New Anime for the Cartoon Network
Anime News Network reports that the Cartoon Network will be showing Witch Hunter Robin in February. In addition, the network is attempting to reign in Wolf's Rain for April and Ghost in the Shell in July. While there has not been a confirmation of which Ghost in the Shell will be shown, speculation is that it will be Stand Alone Complex.

More from Nippon Ichi
More details on the upcoming Nippon Ichi SRPG Phantom Brave have come out. One of the most interesting changes to the SRPG formula is the removal of tiles; characters now have a move radius around them, denoted by a red circle. The game features a girl named Marone who controls phantoms - ghostlike beings who can't act on their own, but can posses other objects. The biggest news for anime fans is that Disgaea character designer Takehito Harada is doing designs for the newest title, which is scheduled for a January release in Japan.

Outbreak Online
According to The Magic Box the first Resident Evil title to go online, Biohazard Outbreak, is scheduled for a December 11th release in Japan.

True Fantasy Delay
The immensely important MMORPG True Fantasy Live Online, for Microsoft's Xbox has been pushed back to a release date of June 2004. Level 5, the game's designers who have worked on Dragon Quest intend the game to be a return to "real" fantasy titles (an obvious stab at Final Fantasy) and the title is very important to Microsoft in Japan, as the Xbox is running far behind Nintendo's GameCube there.

According to The Magic Box, Square Enix's subsidiary company, Digicube is no more. The company produced and distributed game related content, but was best known Stateside for bringing over domestic versions of soundtracks for games like Final Fantasy and SaGa Frontier. Digicube blames much of its shortfall on the delays plaguing Final Fantasy XII.

Animefringe Loses Briefs
The end of the year is a time for reflection for everyone, Animefringe included. We're going to be seeing a shift in focus and part of that means we're going sans briefs :). Don't fret, though Ridwan will still be here, making you slightly uncomfortable and the new Animefringe layout will be even more informative and fun! See you guys next year!!!