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Hey, kids, it's Holly - your resident Ninja of Cool - back wishing you all a Happy New Year.

We here at Animefringe have exciting news for you! We were nominated for two Crossfire Awards this year - for Best Design and Best Feature Articles - and we won in the Best Feature Articles category! Congratulations to the whole Animefringe team!

Now, I know you've all grown accustomed to my general ranting and raving before getting to the letters, but one of our letters for this month (and my response to it) will, I think, do the trick. So, without further ado, let's start this happy, healthy and prosperous New Year with bang and get right into this month's surprisingly awesome batch of letters.

Holly-chan, Ninja of Cool, honored fangirl, etc., etc., etc.:

Hey! ^_^ You are totally right - there are lots of us fan/geek-girls around now, but sadly, man-geeks seem to have a hard time recognizing us. I was a little taken back when a boy said "I never thought I'd meet a girl who likes transformers" to me a few days ago. Of course, he's nine years old, but still, it just goes to show the general ignorance of said man-geeks. (I like that word! ^_^) Anyweasels, I just wanted to ask what you think we, fangirls, should do about not being recognizable? I have taken to wearing my black t-shirt with the words "talk nerdy to me", but it seems to have almost no effect. Any advice??

Sadly single,
lovely nerdess

Dear Lovely Nerdess-chan,
Tell me about it. Rewind to several months back. I'm wearing my "GEEK" T-shirt around at an anime club meeting, and all the lovely shy little fanboys are still avoiding me like the plague. These, being the same lovely shy little fanboys who I have seen bitching about how geekgirls are so awesome but they must be some sort of legend because no girl that pwns that much could possibly ever exist. Yet they look at me coming towards, them and the reaction is almost categorically...

"Dear God, it's a FEMALE! It's got BREASTS! RUN!"

I just want to grab them by the shoulders and force them to look at me without averting their eyes, and say the following. (Feel free to modify and use this in your ad-hoc rants and clueless geekboys, girls.)

Listen, Buster. I'm a young and attractive female who enjoys many of the same things that you do, including but not limited to: a broad spectrum of Japanese animation from magical girl shoujo to hardcore hentai, Lovecraftian horror, Monty Python and Mel Brooks movies, tabletop RPGs, multiple generations of console games, MMORPGs, webcomics, and LAN parties. I get paid to play with UNIX and SQL, I install my own hardware, and I can probably kick your ass at Warcraft. I'm not an idiot, a girly-girl girl, or a prude and I'm RIGHT FSCKING HERE. Kindly remove your head from your rectal region in the future.

Dear Animefringe,

Spike Vs. Lupin - Who would win?

-- Imran

Dear Imran,

Hmmm,... let's see. I'm going to go with Spike, but just to make sure that my expert opinion is validated, let's consult a true guru on this subject. We'll just ask him now. Say, Guru, don't you think Spike would win that match-up hands down?

*Shakes Magic-8 Ball*

"My sources say yes."

Well, folks, there you have it... ^_^


Dear Holly,

i am the scottish dragonball fan my name is patrick anyway can you tell me were i can get any oh my goddess dvd exept online?

Dear Patrick,

Yes, of course... In Inverness, go to the corner of 18th and Main, find the small green door at the bottom of the third staircase, and do the secret knock - it's the same beat as the standard Mario Brother's theme - and then when the voice on the other side asks for the password, say "Belldandy sleeps in her skivvies in the moonlight" in Castilian Spanish... Wait, no, I have no idea. :P

I've never even been to Scotland, but I can tell you how you can find a local retailer yourself - look online, look in the telephone directory, or ask fellow anime fans or the staff of your local anime club, if applicable. Hope that helps!

(Because if it's not Scottish... IT'S CRAP! ^_^)


(I know I SEEM omniscient, folks, but I don't REALLY know everything. Now, on to our next letter...)

Dear Holly-chan,

I can't find my keys. Can you help?


Dear Tom-kun,

Sure. They're in the front pocket of your red backpack next to your lost copy of Happy Mania. My great powers of anime and manga knowledge have grown to the point where I can now accomplish astral projection through anime DVDs, VHS tapes, manga, and occasionally manhwa. Somehow, hentai materials seem to work better for me...


Hey Holly-sensei, Ninja Gashira of Cool!

I've been wondering about a series called Psychic Force for a while now. I don't know why I just came up with asking about it NOW ^_^; Anyways, I've only ctually seen 2 episodes of the show and I have no idea if it's just an OVA or had an actual season or two of it. And trying to figure out the story through the games simply ruins it! So am I just not looking hard enough? Can you work your Sexy no Jutsu and find out more please? Thanks for any help!


Dear HaikuMaiku,

Only because you totally asked me to work my Sexy no Jutsu to do this will I actually put forth real effort and not just come up with a snappy answer about going to Google. ^_^

So I checked around, and it looks like there's only the one DVD and it's only an OVA. Check out the Amazon page on it here. Does that answer your query? ^_^ Was my Sexy no Jutsu successful, or what? *awaits praise* ^_~


That's all for this month - if you've sent a letter and it didn't appear this month, look for it next month! Keep those letters coming... You know I always *love* a challenge. ^_^

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