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Sorcerer Hunters: Chocolate, Springs, and Other Hot Things

When I got the first Sorcerer Hunters DVD, I was a little confused when I saw the outfits Tira and Chocolate donned when in battle. Apparently to make up for the conservative dress code (compared to the manga, at least) of the TV series, we have been given this gift of three OAVs that show off the raunchier side of Sorcerer Hunters.

This release assumes that its viewers are already familiar with the characters presented within. For those of you who haven't yet been introduced to the Spooner continent and its magical denizens, the fan service may still be enjoyable, but most of the inside jokes will likely fall flat.

The Sorcerer Hunters travel the land seeking to stop sorcerers who use their magical powers to oppress the common folk of the realm. In the manga and television series, there was plenty of drama, comedy, and action mixed together for an interesting experience. These OAVs, however, focus mainly on the humor and side stories that could be found in the books, but not on TV. This is sort of a set of bonus episodes that complement the series and is by no means a replacement for them.

As a fan of the series, I enjoyed this DVD. The manga was filled with sexual innuendo and featured character designs that flaunted allure side by side with fetish, and was unique as well as pretty. Especially ...interesting was the outfit Chocolat Misu used when she was ready to fight. If there was a baddie that needed a beating, she fought wearing pants, suspenders, and a hat. No shirt, no bra, just fan service. I always wondered how someone would animate a woman with just a thin pair of suspenders keeping her breasts at bay. Now I know. She was forced to wear a cleavage-flaunting shirt for the TV series that was nice, but nowhere near the level of obscene beauty that the manga portrayed, so I appreciate seeing an anime series that truly represents the splendor of the Misu sisters.

Can you tell that this series is a bit guy-oriented?

Honestly, the three episodes on this disc are pretty funny if you're familiar with the other show or the books. Despite the cleavage-in-your-face attitude of the show, it can be entertaining for guys or girls so long as that kind of stuff doesn't throw you off. The animation is smooth enough for an OAV, the voice acting is acceptably over the top, and the MSRP is a bit lower than other ADV releases - a nice touch for a single shot, three episode release.

I'd say if you aren't offended by fan service (there's quite a bit of outright nudity on this disc, though there's no sex) and enjoy fantasy stories, then Sorcerer Hunters should work for you. This is the goofiest incarnation of the series, so you may want to snag the TV box set that's available now. However, if you've read the manga, you're going to miss those suspenders while watching the other series.

I suppose that's what this disc is for - getting a better look at the outfits.

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