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As I write this it's a few hours into New Year's Eve, which means it's time to think of those resolutions. I already had some great ones in mind. I had it all planned out. I was all ready to resolve to double my anime collection this year (I'd need another 500 DVDs for that...) and triple my manga library (which would mean I'd need to get 1000 manga this year). I wanted to promise myself that I'd finally get around to playing Final Fantasy IX, X, and X-2 on my new PS2. I was going to resolve to finally beat Xenogears, Xenosaga, and I was planning on even finding The Bouncer and playing that for good measure.

I've been Square deprived for a while, you see. And now, it's not even Square anymore, but Square Enix. How awkward.

As I was saying, I had great plans to better myself, and the whole human race as a result of my newfound happiness, and then reality in the shape of my beautiful girlfriend pulled the plug on the games, turned off the DVD player, and shut the manga that I was reading.

So now, I suppose, I'm going to resolve to get a job. I want a real job (no offense Waldenbooks, but you guys don't care about me, I'm just there for the discount, and bringing in thousands of dollars a week on manga alone isn't helping me as much as it helps you guys) that would actually utilize my degree in Computer Science, or maybe even my training in Mathematics or even in English. Something where I got paid to do something that I was taught to do.

Who knows, in a year's time, maybe I'll be making video games!

Part of me really wants that, and part of me says, "but then you'll NEVER have time to play 'em". For the record, screw the second part - I want a job.

Now onto the important part of this brief (eh, for me) column. You. I made my resolution - I'm getting myself a real job (don't worry, I'll still write for Animefringe). One thing I can suggest to someone in need of a resolution, however, is to buy some manga and anime for me.

Not for me to have, of course, but go out there and get some good stuff for yourself - just think of me when you do it. I dunno, make a stick figure drawing of me (it'll look surprisingly realistic, I'm sure) and take it with you to the store. You can tape me to your shoulder - I won't mind. But no voodoo stuff, that's a little creepy. There's really no excuse you know, for now many bookstores carry hundreds of manga titles, most of which are $10 or so, and most of which are now printed from right to left and retain the original sound effects.

If you don't need manga, get some anime soundtracks. They're finally available domestically, and supposedly even FLCL's CDs will be released here in the near future.

If it's anime you're looking for, there's plenty. Not even a year ago, we featured Witch Hunter Robin, and at the time, we lamented that, being a new show, it would not see the light of day over here until Rare made another game (how often is that, once every generation?). Yet, not eight months after that was written, it was available on DVD. Stuff like that was completely unpredictable because it seemed too good to be true at the time, but here it is.

So, in one way or another, I charge you to resolve to go out there and appreciate the great things we have now that we've been begging for since Dragon Ball or even Voltron first hit our eyes. And, if you're a little low on cash, you can still honor my wishes with a little TV. I've heard Witch Hunter Robin will be on TV in a month or so...

Oh, and let me know if you hear of any CS-related job opportunities in the St. Louis area. Especially game-related. Gotta keep on that resolution, you know.

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