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Mail Desk

Hey all you Animefringe cats and kittens, this is your party-girl, Holly "I'm with the DJ" K. coming at you from sleep-deprivation-land with yet another installment of your favorite article and mine, the Mail Desk. ...Ok, so I'm just kidding about the favorite part. But whatever.

You know how when you only sleep like 4 hours a night for a few days in a row, your eye starts to get all twitchy? Once upon a time, that used to happen to me because I would stay up all night watching anime and playing video games. I must be getting old or something, since I hardly ever have time to watch anime and play video games anymore. That's right, kids, your local editor and faithful servant is falling behind the times. You're all sending me these lovely emails with your bright eyes and bushy tails, and sometimes I have never heard of the series you're asking me about. So you see, you're keeping me as sharp as a knife or a pointy stick or other things that are made out of sharp by making me look this stuff up for you. ^_^

We appreciate your attention to this public display of randomness. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Hi Holly!

I just want to say 'well done' for answering my e-mail without using the letter 'u'. You truly are the queen of the universe. I didn't think you could do it at all, and it was a pretty lengthy reply at that.

You ruuuuule! @--(---- heres a rose for your troubles.

Have a nice day,

Dear Jon,

*clasps rose to heaving bosom* They love me... They REALLY love me... *swoon*

--Holly ^_~

Dear Animefringe,

Im a huge fan of all Anime and when i first hurrid about this Anime come to Adult Swim i was pretty excited. some new is always good. But as i watched to previwes of it I go more and more unsure. They hunt people that they lable as "Witchs", sounds like as an now a day Salam Witch Hunt. But that want the biggest thing ot me. I fallow the religion of Wicca, or Pagan. For thoughs how dont know what that is, then it is kinda like Witch craft, but only for the good and no bad. To me it almost insalts me. I still have to watch the show, but still, im unsure. dose anyone eles agree with me?

Lynn Kendall

Dear Lynn,

Relax. Witch Hunter Robin is only a TV show. I think perhaps if you do a little more research on the show itself and possibly even a little more research into Neo-Paganism and the history of "witchcraft," you'll see things in a broader perspective.

In the meantime, check out the show. If you end up liking it, great - it's not real, so you're allowed to enjoy harmless entertainment that may initially seem questionable to you. If you end up not liking it, that's fine too - you don't have to like every anime series under the sun to be a fan of anime.

Hope that helps.

Hey Holly, Ninja of Cool, Its Niak again.

I was just wondering what you think of all these classic series and movies being revived either in the last few year or coming out soon. For example, Ninja Scroll, Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell are all releasing an add on series or movie. Now Trigun is also going to continue it's storyline with the release of a new manga this summer. Considering how add ons have failed in the past (Love Hina Again and Ninja Scroll series) do you think these ideas have any prospect or do you think there ideas doomed to forever fail?

Dear Niak,

First of all, I don't think I'd call them "add-ons" so much as simply a continuation of the original storyline. To call them add-ons kind of gives the impression that the producers just went "Well, that was successful - let's pump out some similar crap and see if it sells." In some instances, this may well be the case, but I don't think it's the norm.

Personally, I don't think Love Hina Again was a failure - I rather liked it. Your perspective that storyline continuations are doomed to fail may be because the ones you are familiar with have been poorly planned and/or produced. Many, many series have very successful storylines that have continued on into numerous seasons of TV shows, OVA series, movies, and spin-off series. Sometimes reviving a classic series is franchise is successful, sometimes it isn't. There are a lot of mitigating factors - production values, advertising, staff, etc. In the end, the success is up to the fans, isn't it?

Food for thought... ^_^

Dear Holly,

I was wondering, do you think Quentin Tarrantino was partly inspired by Rurouni Kenshin when he wrote Kill Bill? The part i'm referring to is when Uma Thurman goes to 'The man from Okinawa' so that he forges her a new blade. At first the man refuses and says he dedicates his talents to make kitchen knives and utensiles. This reminded me of an episode at the begining of the 2nd series of Kenshin, where he needs a new sword to face Shishi-o. He asks the son of the most famous swordsmith in Nippon but he refuses because his fathers legacy has only brought death and tragedy. Considering Tarrantino is a big Anime fan it got me thinking. Care to shed any light on this?


Dear Karl,

Well, it's certainly a possibility, given that just about any artist is influenced by the art that they themselves respect. However, I wouldn't say that this particular story concept is unique to Kenshin - I think it's more common than you may have considered. Just within anime, doesn't that also sound somewhat similar to the part in Trigun where Vash takes his gun to a once-legendary gunsmith to have it repaired, only to find that he has given up his craft because of the death and suffering that it's caused?

So, while it's certainly possible that the illustrious Mr. Tarantino was influenced to create this storyline based on something similar he saw in a favorite anime, it's also possible that it came from somewhere else altogether. Only Quentin knows for sure, I suppose. ^_^


Dear Animefringe,

Hello, I hope you do'nt mind me bothering you with this nonsense mail, just wanna let you know that I love your mag a lot! Here in the opposite side of the planet (just above the equator), lesser mortals like me get their anime mags pretty late, and so very, very expensive that you'll have to pay for them in gold (or one fifth of your soul if ya dont have the cash). Your great mag now keeps me always up to date without me crying over my empty wallet. I particularly love your reviews section (can you add more pics pretty please??). By the way, why does Ran Kotubuki's chimp-like boyfriend calls himself "Machida Black"? Just curiouz. Bye for now!

Blessings from Oznai,

Dear Heather,

1) Nope, don't mind at all! Bother us all you like, we're all pretty "disturbed" as it is anyway. ^_^
2) And see, we'll only take one fiftieth of your soul. What a deal!
3) I'm not exactly sure, but I think the reason we don't have more pics on our reviews page is related to our desire to keep load times down for our dial-up readers and bandwidth costs down for ourselves, as well as keeping the pages clean, uncluttered, and easy to read. Our designer can feel free to correct me if I am wrong, though. (School me! SCHOOL ME!!)
4) I really don't know why he calls himself that. I'm not too familiar with SuperGALS! Me so sorry. Maybe I'll go back in time and start calling myself "Machida Black" a few years ago so that when you ask this question in the future/past, I can say I've been calling myself that for years and he's just doing it to copy me. *evil grin*
5) Call me an ignorant American, but where is Oznai?

Love and kisses,
p.s. - no refunds on the soul. ^_____^

Dear Animefringe,

I was wondering do you know about Inuyasha? It seems like you have nothing from Inuyasha. I was wondering if you wanted anything about it. It's actually a REALLY popular anime and manga in Japan and here. I have tons of pictures, articles, and info on it. I even did my own report on it at school. Inuyasha is sort of a new Manga and anime I think? Thank you

Sincerely Lindsay McCoy

Dear Lindsay,

Yes, actually, I'm personally a big Inuyasha fan myself. I wrote a review of the series a couple years ago when Inuyasha was brand new in Japan, you can check it out here. Not some of my finer writing, I must say, but - I was new at this sort of thing back then. ^_~

Anyway, it's so awesome to see such a dedicated fan of the show. You're so sweet and adorable! Kawaii ne! I hope you got a big fat A on that report. :)

That's it for next month - keep those letters coming! *blows kisses to you all*

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