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by Holly Kolodziejczak

Hello out there all you loyal Animefringe readers! This is Holly, resident Ninja of Cool, back again for another installment of the Maildesk. Have you missed me? Oh, I know you have. There, there.

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere, and here in Oregon, that can only mean one thing - allergy season! I know I'm feeling it, so I know that some of you out there must be too. That explains the abundance of adverts for allergy medicine lately, eh? So, my loyal readers, here is a challenge for you, if you dare - Can you think of one anime character who is an allergy sufferer? Think hard, and send me a letter if you find one!

While you're pondering that, let's get to the letters...

Dear Animefringe,

I'd love to read all the reviews at one spot instead of looking at every single back issue. Is that search thing gonna be ready soon?

Dear Search-lover,

As you may have noticed, we've been making a lot of changes around here lately! We've heard the reader's repeated requests for a search feature, and it's definitely on our webmaster's to-do list. Thanks for checking in!


Dear Animefringe,

Is this like a real Magazine that you can buy and subscribe to? If so, Can you tell me how?

Dear Loyal Reader,

Yes, this is a "real" magazine, but no, we are not a print magazine. All of our issues are available online for free. We haven't ruled out the possibility of going to print in the future, but we have no concrete plans to do so anytime in the near future. But still, thanks for your support!


Dear Animefringe,

hi there! im just a bit curious to know what music you listen to!!! that's it! have a lovely day and keep smiling!

Jon (the guy who gave you a rose)

Dear Jon,

Well well well, a personal question. These are always fun. Lets see... I enjoy myriad forms of music, so it'll be a challenge for me to remember them all! I'm fond of rock/alternative, American pop and new-wave from the 80's, American rock from the 60's and 70's, punk, funk, disco, reggae, industrial, techno, electronica, happy hardcore, experimental rock, J-rock, blues, jazz, opera, classical, zydeco, medieval, a capella, Nick Cave's murder ballads, psychedelic rock, folk, bluegrass, gospel, Polynesian/Russian/Japanese/Chinese/African/Arabian/etc etc etc traditional, tribal drumming, rock opera, dub reggae, Celtic, and just about anything that's a little off the wall and hard to classify - the Red Elvises, Ween, and the Residents, for example.

I'm kind of sleepy, so I hope that all made sense. :)


Dear Animefringe,

Um I want to ask one thing. Why don\'t you have anything about Inuyasha? I mean you have like a ton of other animes here but why not Inuyasha?

Sincerely Lindsay M.

Dear Lindsay,

We actually did review Inuyasha a couple years ago when it was first coming out in Japan. We planned to feature it when it made it's way across the ocean, but the article just never got written. There's so much anime and manga coming out at such an alarming rate, it's practically impossible to keep up, so occasionally, a series that really merits attention will get overlooked. It's not just Inuyasha, trust me. :)


That's all for this month - keep those letters coming in, kids. Remember - you can ask ANYTHING!

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