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Every once in a while, an anime production comes along and really makes you think. While this doesn't necessarily happen too often, there are a few creators that you can count on to provide some really intriguing food for thought. Satoshi Kon and Katsuhiro Otomo quickly come to mind, and after watching Texhnolyze, you'll be forced to put Yoshitoshi ABe and Yasuyuki Ueda up there as well.
Seven years after the manga and anime ended, Sailor Moon is back on TV, but this time in sentai form. Sorta. Part Power Rangers, part musical, and part magical girl, this cheesy re-imagining of the Sailor Soldiers might be greatest version ever told.
Before Ranma 1/2, Rumiko Takahashi gave us the ordinary-yet-bizarre love story of a poor college student and his widowed apartment manager. This comedic love story has been winning fans for over 20 years, so isn't it time to rediscover the everyday magic of Maison Ikkoku?
no. 2004/05
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