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by Adam Arnold

Ooo, so this is what the letters page is like! This is just too cool. Okay, for those who don't me, this is Adam Arnold -- manga writer, DDR Freak, and ultra cool single guy. I've hijacked the letter column this month to help Holly out as we shift the Mail Desk duties from her loving hands to someone else (it's a surprise). This... this is my first time. So please be gentle.

Seriously though, we had a TON of letters this month. So many in fact that it is a real shame that we can't print them all. You honestly have no idea how many GREAT letters we get that have people requesting them not to be published. It's sad.

Hmm, maybe I should think of some cool Holly-esque thing to talk about. Um, I like strawberries. I can make these really cool deserts with them. There's also the cool christmas cake I can make with them. But let's just get to the letters...

Dear Animefringe,

in the Fruits Basket Brief, you wrote that Yuki *Sohma was a girl. Actually, Yuki is a guy. He just happens to have a very pretty face. Here's a list of the characters and their genders for future refernce:

*Pardon my spelling errors, I don't have the book with me at the moment so I
can't get the name spellings correct.
Thank you for your time.



Dear Anonymous,

Err, um, uh...sorry?

Oh, who are we kidding. We tracked down the culprit and they have been forced to commit Seppuku (not really, but it sounded cool). Anyway, we love Yuki. Yuki's cool...pretty face and all.


Dear Animefringe,

You people need some more damn bukkake on this motha fucka! I mean damn! I come on here and I see a bunch of anime chicks....and I don't see any fukkin bukkake! What kinda anime site is this? No bukkake?

Dear Too-Much-Time-On-His-Hands:

Are you on crack? (note from Steve: Coming soon -- the Animefringe Bukkake Prime Time Special where every member of the staff contributes and I help along the presentation at the end!)


Dear Animefringe,

Hi, i'm Christina. I was reading your review on the PaRappa the Rapper series, and i have 2 questions, Was that PaRappa episode you were watching in English? And if so, where can I get a copy?

Dear Christina:

Oh man, now that article brings back some memories. Who would have thought that after all these years that ADV hasn't bothered to snatch up the rights to the PaRappa anime yet. Anyway, to answer your question, the episodes we saw were raw as no one has shown much interest in fansubbing the series. Another problem is there is a serious lack of raw episodes available and as you might guess, without a raw...there can't be a fansub. The show has been off the air for a while now and chances of finding Japanese Region 2 DVDs or even Japanese VHS tapes is going to be pretty tough. At least there's still the video game. Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind...


Dear Animefringe,


I am just wanting to inquire as to what the submission guidelines of your publication are? Thanks for your time, great mag by the way.


Siobhan Irwin

Dear Siobhan:

Thanks for the kind thoughts! As for the submission guidelines, they kind of got lost in our transition to the new layout that everyone has been enjoying for the past few months. I took the liberty of tracking down last year's Bulletin Board page that has our guidelines and job postings listed. That page can be found here: That old page should give anyone a good idea of the kind of submissions we are looking for until we get around to posting a revision.


Dear Animefringe,

do you know where to get Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon S for the 3do please let us know. it's an import game thanks ^_^


Dear Dannybear127,

Ouch, that's a tough one. I'd probably say that eBay is a VERY long shot, but you can always try some of the Japanese-only auction sites out there. Yahoo! Japan Auctions ( is by far the best of those sites, but you would have to have a contact in Japan to ship the merchandise to or use a Deputy Service, such as the one Anime Chaos offers (


Dear Animefringe,

i'm blown away, the content is top notch and the presentation is superb!

just one comment, i'm sure you have heard before. a list of all the reviews and articles would be the ultimate - if the reviews could be sorted by rating or alphabetially that would be even more ultimator! (ultimator!??!)

anyway, even without this this site rocks - i'm gonna need a lot of time to work my way through the past issues


Dear B,

Glad you love our site so much. We always aim to please. And yes, we know how much everyone would love to be able to easily search our site. Rest assured that our ever faithful webmaster, Steve, is hard at work trying to find a solid solution to that very issue. While a directory isn't really the angle we are looking for at the moment (we tried that way back in the early days), we are beta-testing a new search engine. Expect something soon.


Well, folks, that's all for this issue. Be sure to be here next month for more Mail Desk thrills. Be afraid. Be very afraid...but not too afraid! You've still gotta send in those letters!

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