Eerie Queerie Vol. 1

by Maria Lin

Mitsuo Shiozu was just a quiet latch-key student until one day, while walking to school, he stopped to ask a crying girl if she was alright. The girl turned out to be one Kiyomi Suzaka, a student at S girls school that had died a week before.

Now, everyone knows that when you just happen to be able to see dead people, you are obligated to help those dead people cross over. Everyone also knows that it's lonely being a ghost, and when someone notices you it's important to annoy them relentlessly. Kiyomi plays her part with gusto, and Mitsuo tries to survive her, but when she catches sight of the boy she's always had a crush on and possesses his body to profess her love, things get a little strange.

Each chapter of Eerie Queerie deals with the perils of seeing dead people, as well as Mitsuo's growing feelings for Hasunuma, the classmate that Kiyomi admits her love to in the first chapter. The other characters have their charm, but they are incidental, as it's really these two that the manga is all about. Mitsuo is very naive, and Hasunuma explains away his constant affection as 'friendship', although anyone can see it borders on molestation.

The manga style takes a little getting used too. When I first saw Mitsuo, I thought he had stepped in at a bad time during a head shrinking ceremony. The plots, however, are very entertaining. Shiozu-san uses a lot of expressive emotions and exaggerated gestures to get the mood across, and you can't help but feel bad for poor Mitsuo throughout the whole thing.

The fist volume comes with an original story and a short involving magical shrinking candy and watermelon. Both are very entertaining. Anyone who enjoys a lot of lighthearted chaos with a nice side of shounen-ai should give this manga a try. It's definitely be worth the low price, and another three volumes are already lined up for domestication.

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