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by Basil Berchekas III

Okay folks, strap on in and FEEL THE GEES! It's Mail Desk time!

In case any of you don't know me, the name's Basil. I'm one of the new folks over here at the Fringe, my job specifically to make you laugh. This is normally accomplished with my new monthly humor column, now named Oddtype. But since Holly's job has decided that they simply must have all waking, sleeping, and limbo times from her, I've been tapped to hold it down. And I'm going to do it with bells on and 5 stars.

It's true!

But down to business. We didn't have much in the way of letters this month. That, or I just got the dregs from last month. I'm not sure which, but surely this cannot do. I need questions. Lots of them. Preferable grammatically correct and well as having correct spelling, please. I know it's asking a lot, but I'm sure you guys and gals can handle it. ^_- Any subject, though anime/manga/video game ones if possible. Oh, and Japanese Live Action too. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon totally rocks the camp house. I'll think up a question every month to throw out for you guys, but for this month I'll throw out somebody else's question:

"Why aren't there more anime with penguins in them?"

Now let's get cracking.

Is it possible to get angel eggs virtually? If it is then could you tell me where to get them? Thanks a ton.

Well, it all depends. Are you talking about the Angel Eggs in Angelic Layer, or are you referring to Angel's Egg by Mamoru Oshii? Or quite possibly the brand name sun block that I just came up with? (Angel Egg Sun Block, so rich you'd swear it comes from the eggs of angels! SPF "Return of Christ!") So let's take it in order. Angelic Layer? Besides from the DVDs the closest thing to virtual would be the 2001 Game Boy Advance Game, called Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer. However, the game was only made in Japan so you'd have to import it, as well as be pretty fluent in Japanese. As for Angel's Egg, nothing virtual, but one year in the far off distant future Anchor Bay says they are putting it out. As for my sunscreen? Well, once it's made I'll most likely need all of it for myself. You know, roasting for all eternity in Hell and all for the joke. Gets pretty warm there I hear.

To whom it may concern,

I\'ve tried to find the complete voltron series but I\'ve only seen videos of certain episodes.A friend of mine said \"he read somewhere that voltron was coming out on dvd in september 2004\"is this true?If not is there somewhere to buy the complete series?

Thank you,
Edwin Lopez

Voltron, you mean that show with the 4 wussy guys and the hot princess chick that would take toy cats and make it into a big toy robot? Forget that crap! Why only have just one giant robot, when you can have a whole show full of merchandising product!? Yes folks, I'm talking about Transformers, the classic hit 80's show, whose first season is now on DVD! And trust me, Optimus Prime could take out Voltron ANY day. I mean, he's what if you took Shaft, Mr. T, and Reginald Fils-Aime into one being and THEN made him into a giant robot! 'Cause frankly, only sheer, cool, hard metal can house that much bad asstastic horsepower under the hood. And you'll sho' nuff be hearing those 15 12" speakers down the highway playing Barry White music, and when he comes to town Edwin? ALL the ladies up taking rides in the Autobot Love Machine. It's groovy.

I already sent this question, but I think I mispelt my email address... Anyway, I\'m wondering. Japanese is generally less monotone than English (I think...), so the emotionless people in anime (like Sesshoumaru from Inu Yasha), how monotone is their voice in the Japanese version? o_O

While the Japanese language's pitch can be heightened or lowered for specific words, that doesn't mean that the English language doesn't have its share of inflections either. So really, it all depends on how the actor portrays the character. And in the case of cold and calculating type like Sesshoumaru is, the monotone sound is just what you are going to get, in both Japanese and English.

Hello !

My name is AlexSandra, I`m just internet user ^_~ i find your`s all great (I mean your works) but I stay in little bit confuzing...It`s about I serching for studios ...I mean I want to be in casting..for anime style story...(Not fanfic) Maybe you can help me give some reason when I need to go...I mean for with company I need to show my storry?

Thanck you.

Well Alex (or should I say, SANDRA THE EVER LIVING?!?) I'm not sure exactly what you are asking about, but I can tell it involves a story, with studios, and possibly includes anime. So, okay. There was this one time in Morocco; I was on the lamb from the AD Police cause some Boomer smuggling went bad. I needed to hide out for a while, and frankly if you can find a better place than Morocco I dare you to find it. Anyway, there I was hiding for my life. My boomer bodyguard randomly decided that London would be a nice place to visit and pillage and promptly integrated itself with a nearby plane, so I was out of luck, as well as cheese. Thankfully Uncle Macek's Cheese Streamline Emporium was just down the corner. In theory I could duck out AND get cheese at the same time! Swell! So ducked into the place I did.

Little did I know that this was apparently also the storage facility for all those old Robotech toys that didn't sell. I knew this because laser sights started trailing up to my forehead as I walked in. It turned out that the AD Police had contracted Macek out as a decoy, figuring my love for cheese would get the better of me...

What happened then? Well tune into my next Mail bag to find out!

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